[blockquote footer="Rene Descartes "]Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum.[/blockquote]

(English of above Poverb: "I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am")

Who does not fear failure? The dynamics of failure and success can be best understood by likes of an athlete running a marathon, success rate of an entrepreneur launching a start-up or even a school student preparing for JEE examination. As per a study, serial entrepreneurs have more success rate then starters which means more you try more you have chance to succeed in the end for sure.

JK Rowling

The well-known British author of the Harry Potter fantasy series struggled as a writer in early 1990s. Her first book from the series’ Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was rejected by 12 publishing house before Bloomsbury Publication agreed to print the book. In 1997, only 500 copies of the book were printed. However, as the book earned a reputation as the best children’s book, the author and the book both received accolades from the readers and the publishing houses from across the world. Today 7 books (series) later, the series is one of the best series of book in history and has even been made into Hollywood movies.

Albert Einstein

Father of the theory of relativity and Nobel laureate Albert Einstein is one of the greatest mind of the 20th century. However, he had his fair share of struggles and failure growing up. He could not clear the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in his first attempt. And later, his doctoral dissertation was rejected because his institute thought it was “irrelevant and fanciful”. These failures did haunt him, but not for once did he turn his focus away from pursuit experiment and discover. In 1921, his potential and talent were recognized as we went on to win Nobel Prize in Physics.

Amitabh Bachchan

Before Amitabh Bachchan became the voice of the Hindi film industry and a well-known international celebrity, he faced rejection not only in the movies but radio as well. The legendry actor is known for his deep baritone voice, however not many know that All India Radio rejected his voice for being too thick and deep. Today, Mr. Bachchan’s greatest asset is his voice.

Mary Kom

Magnificent Mary, the Olympian Bronze Medalist in boxing is one of the most remarkable Indian sportswomen of the current generation. Belonging to a poor family from a small village in Manipur, odds were against her from the very start. As the eldest child of the family, she had responsibilities towards her younger siblings. She started her boxing career after the success of Dingko Singh, gold medalist in 1998 Asian Games. He inspired her to take up boxing.

Although she started her training in boxing in 2000, her family were not supportive initially. After initial struggles and failure, Mary Kom went on to become World Champion in Amateur boxing five times.

Steven Spielberg

The famous Hollywood director who has to his credit movies like ET, Jurassic Park and Bridge of Spies, had to deal with failures as well. This talented filmmaker had a troubled academic life in school. He was also rejected from the University of Southern California, not once, twice, but a total of three times. However, today he is one of the most successful, established and wealthiest filmmaker in the world.

Failure is not such a bad thing. It can motivate you to work hard, therefore always take it in your stride. Don’t be disappointed if you did not clear JEE this year. To get on with your studies, pick up the right JEE study material like Aakash iTutor. It is a digital platform that lets you study at your own pace. So that there is no looking back. All the best!

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