Blockchain is nowadays everywhere, from banks guarding our financial transactions to voting ballets guarding the future of our democracy. And now, the emerging tech has also found a way to make our music listening experience better than ever. Aurovine, a music sharing platform supported by Blockchain development company BlockPool launched yesterday in India.

Taking the help of Appliconsultants, an Indian development company, music sharing platform Aurovine and cryptocurrency AudioCoin have decided to provide talented Indian artists and enthusiasts music lovers a music sharing environment, which is more transparent and enjoyable than ever.

While India might have seen the platform go live yesterday, Aurovine originally took birth five years ago in 2012 as a music discovery platform built on Blockchain technology. The platform has acquired a great popularity in helping artists, writers and anyone else who might be involved in the production of a piece of music to have a fair share in the revenue. The platform's Blockchain feature ensures that each time a particular music track is listened, all of those who have contributed towards making the track get their due credited in real time.

For the unversed, cryptocurrency AudioCoin has earned itself a reputation of a stable Blockchain, and has recently successfully passed the 1 million block major milestone. At one point of time, it held the crown for the highest trading volume of any altcoin. Its price has shown a decent increase in the recent few weeks and has moved from anywhere between 40 to 150 satoshis.

According to Appliconsultants, it decided to join forces with Aurovine, as it sees the platform as a great opportunity for Indian artists in the Indian music industry to have a much greater control over the trajectory of their careers and provides them a chance to engage with fans on a much larger level.

Aurovine will provide music fanatics a chance to make use of AudioCoin cryptocurrency via their mobile wallets to not only vote for their favourite music artists in online and offline music competitions, but it will also allow them to earn coins. This type of engagement was never available for the music industry before.

When it comes to artists, Aurovine allows them to make use of its several innovative features like smart contracts for crowdfunding purposes and viral sharing of their content through Aurovine’s popular listen, rate, share feature, which ends up providing music fans a true stake in the music careers of their favourite artists.

So, what are you waiting for, get, set and listen!

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