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Starting a new business takes a lot of planning and strategic decisions. As a young entrepreneur, you have big aspirations and goals for your company but don't really know the right path to get there. Hence, it is always good to have a little help. Here, in this article, Indianweb2 brings to you Top 10 Free Resources & Tools that worth to be used in daily activities of young entrepreneurs who want to make it big in the Startup World.

1) FoundersKit

Founderkit is a reviews site for tools to help you save time and money while building your startup. It essentially offers unbiased reviews of startup tools from experienced founders. It was started as a spreadsheet, which creators shared with other founders, and quickly evolved into a full-fledged reviews site with a highly curated list of products that startups use.

2) Investor List

If you don't know where to look for money for your business, the Investor List will get you sorted. It is a searchable, crowdsourced list of over 1,000 investors built by a tech startup called Peg who were inspired to built the List when they themselves faced problems while raising investment for their startup.

3) Syrup for Startups aka GetSyrup

We spent too much time and money looking for solutions to our problems. In small business, every dollar and minute counts, and that's why Getsyrup was created for startups. Its a curated list of only the best of the best products discounts and exclusive deals on top tools for startups, also it's free, so that's cool. Free site for free stuff.

4) Marketing Stack

It has been observed that a majority of the entrepreneurs while starting up prefer doing most of the work themselves so as to ensure 100 per cent productivity and save money at the same time. One of the toughest hats that the entrepreneurs have to don is that of a marketer. Marketing Stack provides entrepreneurs with a curated directory of marketing resources and tools all under one roof.

5) Good Email Copy

When you're getting started, you have to email a bunch of people on a day-to-day basis. But, the problem is, sometimes even when we have passion for something, we don't really know how to convert that passion on to the paper and get the word out. This is where Good Email Copy will come to your help. A rich resource of email copy from some of the greatest companies in the world, this particular resource will ensure that you don't dread writing an email ever again in your life.

6) Launchpad for Sketch

Your website is your door to your world. Hence, it is very important to have a website that highlights your products/ services and glorifies your achievements. All the hard work that you do in getting the word out of your startup goes in vain, if you're website is unpleasing and hard to navigate. This is where Launchpad for Sketch comes to help. The platform acts as a service for static websites and lets entrepreneurs publish responsive websites directly from Sketch. All a user has to do is design on sketch, and the platform puts it on the web.

7) Mixmax Calendar

Since as a new business and entrepreneur, meeting numerous people is a part of your daily hustle, therefore having a good meeting management system is a must. Mixmax Calendar is considered as the fastest way possible to schedule meetings with anyone, anywhere in the world. All you have to do is customise the days, times, duration and maximum meetings per day that you’re free to meet, and add your link to emails, websites, social profiles, or wherever you want. The final step step involves your guests picking a time and the meeting is added to both the people's calendars instantly, without any back-and-forth.

8) Social Media Academy by Buffer

In the Internet age, social media is probably the cheapest way to get the word out about your product, service and startup. The Social Media Academy by Buffer helps startups up their social media marketing game, one article at a time. You can read articles and examples from today's top social media marketers and become a social media wizard yourself.

9) Drift 2.0

A scalable way to talk to your customers, Drift 2.0 claims to be the next generation of marketing technology. The tool brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to the most important part of your business: the relationships you have with your customers. The tool helps companies provide their customers premium, concierge-quality experience at scale.

10) Asana

Hoping to get startups from a state of chaos to clarity, Asana enables teams to move work from start to finish. The management tool helps its users organise their tasks into shared lists or boards for their initiatives, meetings, and programs.

11) SpreadShare

The tool lets users explore community-curated spreadsheets. These spreadsheets can be anything. Contact lists, product comparisons, financial tools, dashboard templates and whatever you can imagine. Using the tool, you can challenge and improve your spreadsheet’s content through feedback, additions, corrections and ideas from the crowd.

12) Slack

Team communication for the 21st century, Slack helps companies organise their team conversations in open channels. One can make a channel for a project, a topic, a team, or anything—everyone has a transparent view of all that’s going on. In addition to this, one can take a conversation from typing to face-to-face by starting a Slack voice or video call in any Channel or Direct Message. Further, everything in Slack—messages, notifications, files, and all—is automatically indexed and archived so that you can have it at your fingertips whenever you want.

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