The Modi government launched its much ambitious Startup India initiative a year ago with an aim of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the country, and turn it into “a nation of job creators instead of a nation of job seekers”. In order to further its mission, Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently unveiled the Startup India Virtual Hub (The Hub) in the city.

The Hub, which is a marketplace where all the stakeholders can interact, exchange knowledge, and enable each other to grow and reach new heights, is an attempt by the Ministry solve the persistent problem of information asymmetry and lack of access to knowledge, tools, experts, especially in the nascent ecosystems across Tier II and III towns in the country.

And now, according to a report in The Plunge Daily, within a week of its launch, The Hub has partnered with Collaborizm, an online, New York-based, collaboration community and tech incubator that enables aspiring entrepreneurs, engineers, and creatives to form teams and experiment with ideas, virtually. Through this partnership, Indian tech startups and entrepreneurs will be provided with an opportunity to engage with like-minded teammates and provide an edge to their innovative project ideas. They will be able to share knowledge, display their skills and earn more online credentials. In addition to this, it will also help the ‘most elite talent’ in the country to be able to do legitimate freelance jobs for clients in developed markets.

According to the terms of the engagement,
Collaborizm will have to select a few Indian ventures every week that display extraordinary potential. Once the ventures are selected, a detailed description of their projects is shared with Startup India Hub. The information shared with the Hub includes why Collaborizm thinks a particular venture has potential and the kind of assistance that these selected ventures might require to grow to further heights.

The New York-based online collaboration community and tech incubator has reportedly already started selecting Indian projects for the Startup India Virtual Hub and is providing mentorship to them for manufacturing aid, angel funding or any other legal help that the venture might require. Collaborizm is specifically scouting for projects that are testimonial of their team-work, have a clear roadmap, show smart delegation of tasks, have a prim and proper business plan in place, and finally have a detailed pitch deck which gives a quick but descriptive understanding of the project's competitive differentiation in the market and what all ventures are currently working with the community on the specific tasks.

According to Collaborizm, with this partnership, they will be able to provide the “first scalable solution towards mentoring and spotting the most promising early stage startup teams in India.”

With Collaborizm, The Hub will be able to understand what aspiring entrepreneurs require to succeed in the country and enable them to directly witness the impact their venture will have courtesy their expert mentoring.

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