Ideaspring Capital is excited to announce its investment in Zapty Workplace Inc, their fourth one this year and their first in the horizontal B2B SaaS collaboration and workflow space. The investment will be Zapty’s first institutional round of capital funding. Zapty was originally bootstrapped by serial entrepreneurs Arvind Agarwal (previously founder of Skelta, a popular product in Embeddable Workflow and BPM space, with a successful exit to Invensys, Plc.), Sanjay Shah (a serial entrepreneur with several successful exits) and Manav Garg (a prolific angel investor and CEO of Eka Software).

Through Zapty’s cloud-based solution using real-time collaboration and its proprietary micro-workflows (or “Zaplets”) technology, it enables today's business user to collaborate, discover, manage and eventually automate processes using AI techniques. Zaplets enable smaller work to be done with clear action, responsibility and accountability. Automating these Zaplets using AI, allows any business to become process driven without having to go through a large process reengineering exercise of any kind and provides one single tool which encompasses collaboration, process discovery and automation.

Traditional Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow products, a rapidly growing $9 Billion market, have focused too much on upfront process discovery and automation. This makes the implementation extremely complex and lengthy since mapping all possible human interactions is required.. This results in rigid workflows with users losing the freedom to go beyond what they originally designed.

Over the next year, the team will focus on significant enhancements to the product including integrations to several popular SaaS products and opening the micro-workflow technology to creating departmental and verticalized industry solutions. The first is for Digital Marketing teams and Creative Agencies.

Arvind Agarwal, CEO of Zapty, describes the problem faced by thousands of business owners and project managers in the SMB and enterprise space : "Traditional workflow solutions make it increasingly difficult to adapt to ever changing business needs. Ultimately, business ends up adapting to the tool, rather than tool adapting to the business. We are excited with our partnership with Ideaspring Capital. Their deep technology expertise will help us increase our pace of innovation, and leverage their network to better understand the market and improve adoption."

“Collaboration tools have mass appeal, and Zapty is designed to serve many facets of collaboration including communication, document reviews, tracking, process discovery and management. Product education and a good user experience is of paramount importance to us, and a core part of our strategy," says Teja Shah, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing and Customer Success Officer.

“Zapty offers a compelling and efficient customer experience delivered with cloud-scale cost and flexibility," said Naganand Doraswamy, Managing Partner at IdeaSpring Capital. "We are excited to be part of Zapty’s next level of growth and believe their vision and their background in workflow automation will put them at the forefront of an impending evolution into the next generation of SaaS.”

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