Qualcomm Incorporated finally revealed the names of the top lucky eight finalists in the first cycle of Qualcomm Design in India Challenge II (QDIC II), registrations for which began in January this year.

Launched in association with National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), QDIC aims to encourage product companies in India to come up with out-of-the-box, innovative hardware product designs that incorporate Qualcomm technologies and platforms.

For the uninitiated, Qualcomm's technologies has been credited for powering the smartphone revolution and connecting billions of people as a result of it. Its products are now revolutionising several industries, including IoT, healthcare, automotive, computing, and data center, and are allowing millions of devices to connect with each other in ways that could never be imagined before.

In January this year, Qualcomm announced an investment of a whopping USD $8.5 million for expansion of its design initiatives in the Indian subcontinent under a newly formed program called the ‘Qualcomm Design in India Program’ (QDIP). Under this program, it announced two key initiatives:

• The Qualcomm Design in India Challenge II, which will be conducted in two Cycles through the year, one in one in January and the second in May.

• The launch of a new Qualcomm Innovation Lab (QIL) at Hyderabad and expansion of the corporation's current Innovation Lab in Bangalore to enable Indian mobile and IoT ecosystem by providing advanced Camera, Audio, and RF design assistance.

The final eight startups of the first cycle of QDIC II were selected through a selection process which concluded with an extensive pitch session in March 2017.

The selected eight companies will now be incubated in the Qualcomm Innovation Lab and two winners will each receive a prize money of USD $75,000 at the end of the incubation period expected in August 2017.

Here's a brief description of the eight shortlisted companies for the second edition of the QDIC:

1) Name: iBot Control Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
Founders: Ravi Subramanyam
Website: www.iamibot.com

Founded in the year 2011, iBot is working towards creating the world's first DIY for the Internet of Things, targeted at consumers, manufacturers and operators globally. Backed by Microsoft Accelerator, iBot aims to do for machines, what Intel did for the computer. Its product suite enables machine-to-machine (M2M), human-to-machine (H2M) and machine-to-system (M2S) interactions; thereby giving birth to a framework for interconnectedness between humans and machines to create smarter everything a.k.a “Smartiverse”. The startup's mission is to make a single board that can be used by industry and academia to build IoT apps with iBot Toolsets.

2) Name: Avanijal Agri Automation Pvt. Ltd.
Founders: Channabasappa Kolar, Vijayeendra H S
Website: www.avanijal.com

Born with an aim of addressing farmer's irrigation needs in India, the startup designs and develops Irrigation Systems/Controllers that helps farmers in growing more produce with less water, labour and electricity. The controllers designed by Avanijal make it extremely easy for anyone to irrigate, fertigate and flush water filter through mobile phones and helps farmers avoid those odd hour farm visits. The controller supports basic time, volume and sensor based precision irrigation. It also supports wired and wireless valve/sensor connections.

3) Name: Alexapath
Founders: Duval Palsana, Lou Auguste, Shishir Malav
Website: www.alexapath.com

The Bengaluru-based startup is working towards disrupting traditional microscopic imaging by turning smartphones into medical diagnostic and imaging tools that too at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Traditional telepathology methods are known to depend heavily on over-priced legacy solutions, with costs anywhere between a whopping $20,000 to $230,000. But Alexapath claims that its patented technology offers a portable, rapid, and a more cost-effective solution. The recipient of 2016 USISTEF Funding, Alexapath is successfully leveraging the smart phone technology to overcome inaccessibility to microscopic diagnosis across the world.

4) Name: iSquare Mobility Pvt. Ltd.
Website: www.isquaremobility.com

Founded in the year 2012 with a specific goal of becoming the go-to Design House for end-to-end mobility solutions across hardware, software, and cloud, iSquare Mobility has come a long way today. The startup is working towards a better India by making a positive impact on the lives of professionals in the Public Health and Education sector by solving day to day problems through clever innovations and cutting-edge technology. Currently, the startup is in the focus for having a solution in the concept stage for a portable wireless tele-medical device to pre-screen breast cancer.

5) Name: Hug Innovations
Founders: Raj Neravati
Website: huginnovations.co.in

Trying to bridge the gap between humans and technology through its wearable technology products, Hug believes that the world is currently in the growing need of a technology that is more of a companion than a gadget. The startup is looking to collaborate and create an ecosystem of service providers, developers and smart devices to continually augment and enhance consumer experience.

The startup's first-of-its-kind device developer platform, “Hug Gestures SDK” enables the integration and extension of a proprietary gesture control technology with smart devices, mobile apps and PC software. This solution is currently in the concept stage.

6) Name: Steradian Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd.
Founders: Apu Sivadas, Ashish Lachhwani, Rakesh Kumar, Gireesh Rajendran
Website: www.steradiansemi.com

Founded by Industry experts in Wireless and RFIC design with more than 50 patents and several publications to their credit, Steradian Semiconductors is fabless semiconductor company focused on CMOS millimeter wave products for Radar. The startup is currently working on building a high resolution 4D radar that will potentially enable true all-weather vision for autonomous vehicles and drones

7) Name: Stellapps Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Founders: Ranjith Mukundan, Mr. Ravishankar G. Shiroor, Praveen Nale, Mr. Ramakrishna Adukuri, Mr.Venkatesh Seshasayee
Website: www.stellapps.com

India's first of its kind end-to-end dairy technology solutions company, Stellapps has been founded by a group of IITians and technologists with a strong industry background and rich experience. Funded by Omnivore Capital – a fund anchored by Godrej Agrovet Limited and investment patrons include a large group of IIT alumni, Stellapps produces and procures comprehensive farm optimization and monitoring support, which helps dairy farmers and cooperatives maximize their profits while minimizing effort.

The startup's innovative applications and state-of-the-art mechanization tools leverage Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, and Data Analytics to improve Agri- supply chain parameters, including milk production, milk procurement, cold chain, animal insurance and farmer payments. Its concept includes a Wi-Fi sensor module, a wiimote and IoT router that can be used for smart automatic milk collection unit and cold-chain monitoring, as part of Stellapps IoT platform.

8) Name: Tagbox Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Founders: Adarsh Kumar, Saumitra Singh
Website: www.tagbox.in

The Bengaluru-based startup enables its clients to create more reliable and sustainable cold chains through providing them solutions at the intersection of Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics and Automation & Control. It is currently working towards creating an ultra-low power wireless platform that can significantly improve the efficiency of cold storage and logistics by monitoring and controlling key health parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, gas, energy, and others.

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