‘Etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential’, a well written quote by Will Cuddy indicates the importance and value of etiquette in the social and business world. Recognizing the importance of etiquette in the people’s life, PR Solution (PRS) Global is soon going to launch International Institute of Corporate Etiquette(IICE), the World’s largest online etiquette institute, to teach the people on etiquette and social graces of the daily life.

‘A person with skill is a talented person but once he’s sharpened with etiquette; he gets ready to work in the corporate world. It becomes easier for him to work, grow and learn in their careers. Our Institute instigates the vision to carve a talented person into a corporate professional’, said S Vijay Kumar, Founder of International Institute of Corporate Etiquette.

‘International Institute of Corporate Etiquette teaches every candidate at an individual level to upgrade their personal as well as professional skills. We envision that every person could give their best to uplift the organization and society as a whole. With a vision to help the youth realize their dreams and aspirations, PR Solution is ready to launch the International Institute of Corporate Etiquette soon’, Dr. Ranjan Kumar, Board of Director, added.

The courses offered in the International Institute of Corporate Etiquette includes Ambassadorship and people skills, persuasive communication skills, executive presence, business etiquette, dining etiquette, grace and style, media savvy, cross cultural communication skills, hospitality management training, etiquettes for men and women, image mastery, dressing sense, impressing women, entrepreneurship skills, social graces, public speaking, personality development and many more

Vishnu Khanna, Chief Advisor PR Solution (PRS) Global said, ‘International Institute of Corporate Etiquette aims at providing students an overall skill development focused more on practical knowledge and personality development. We are an international expert in Executive Presence, Image, Etiquette, Manners and Communication Essentials. PRS Global is pleased to offer the World’s Most Exclusive Finishing School to sophisticated, elite clients who value private, confidential coaching in a location of their choice.’

International Institute of Corporate Etiquette is one of its kinds in the country that is offering social and business etiquette courses in e-learning format so that it can be made accessible to everybody.

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