Elon Musk'a Tesla had a phenomenally action-packed year last year. Amongst the various things that the American company announced and launched, the ones that left a huge impression on the masses include Tesla's new solar shingles, its Model 3 debut and launch of its new battery products. In addition to all this, the 7-year-old company also acquired SolarCity, a solar energy company founded by Musk'a cousins Lyndon and Peter Rive.

So, if 2016 was this big, it's natural that Musk wants Tesla to go above and beyond last year's achievements and scale to new heights in 2017.

After just three months into the year, the company has already done a lot in order to leave its 2016 performance far behind. The company has finally recognised the variety of work it has being doing outside the automobile domain, and changed its name from Tesla Motors to Tesla. The company has also launched its latest Autopilot system, and successfully raised more than a whopping $1 billion in capital in order to increase the production of its 2016 unveiled Model 3.

With the majority of the year still left to unfold, Tesla's wall of achievements is only expected to grow further and further.

Here's IndianWeb2.com giving you a quick lowdown on the 9 News Things that Elon Musk's Tesla Will Accomplish by the End of 2017.

Drive A Tesla In Autonomous Mode Across the US

During a press call, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk's revealed his goal to make a Tesla vehicle drive in fully autonomous mode right from LA to New York City by the end of 2017 and then have the car go and park itself by the end of 2018.

Start Solar cells And Panels Production At New Factory in Buffalo, New York

Tesla officially acquired SolarCity last year in November. For this year, the company aims to start the production of solar cells at its new manufacturing plant in Buffalo, New York by the summer.

Start Selling Tesla Solar Roof

After introducing the world to its solar shingles in October last year, the company is all charged up to begin its production in mid-2017, at which time consumers would finally be able to place their orders for a solar roof. According to Musk, Tesla's solar roof will cost much less than a normal roof.

Start The Production Of The Model 3

There have been strong rumours in the market that Tesla will start the production of its 2016 announced Model 3 by mid this year and then start delivering them by the end of year. However, Tesla'a website states that any new orders won't be delivered until 2018 or later.

Zero In On The Location Of Its Second Gigafactory

Last year Musk announced about his intentions to establish a combined vehicle and Gigafactory in Europe, wherein both vehicles and batteries will be produced on site. It might be a while till Musk's ambitious hybrid factory sees the light of the day. However, the one thing that is clear as the day is that the company will start looking for locations for its second Gigafactory this year.

Unveil Details About The Tesla Car Sharing Network

It was in July last year that Musk in a company blog post revealed that the company is all ready to bring its own ride-hailing network to the market. In the blog post, he mentioned that once the company's vehicles are fully autonomous, it will set up a shared fleet program that will enable car owners to make money off their car by letting other people use it. Following from its July announcement, Tesla in October shared that only car owners would be able to use their vehicle on its ride-hailing network for revenue purposes, and that the company will unveil more details about the network in 2017.

Host Another Model 3 Event

While the company introduced the world to Model 3 last in March last year, the company has yet to reveal some important details about the car like what would be the car's interior be like and what would be its range etc.

Ramp Up Battery Cell Production At Its Gigafactory

While Tesla and its battery partner Panasonic began cell production at the Gigafactory in January this year, but the company is already contemplating about ramping up the production prior to the Model 3 launch. Currently, the battery cells in production are being used for Tesla's massive commercial battery, Powerpack 2 and its rechargeable home battery, Powerwall 2. The company recently announces that it aims to begin the production of battery cells for the Model 3, which is its first mass-market car, sometime in the second quarter of this year. According to the company, producing the batteries at the Gigafactory will help it in significantly bringing down its costs and allow the company to keep the price of its Model 3 at about $35,000.

Reinvent The Factory

According to industry insiders, Musk has big plans of reinventing manufacturing at Tesla's factories so that the company is able to produce 500,000 cars a year by the end of 2018. In order to help with this effort, Tesla acquired Germany-based Grohmann Engineering that holds expertise in designing systems for manufacturing automation, in November last year. In a statement following the acquisition, Musk stated that the expertise the acquisition brings will help Tesla in becoming the "best manufacturer in the world."

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