Researching a few startup ideas on my own lead me to come across these 15 brilliantly successful startups in India and understand their value proposition that is making them a market hit. Check them out:


A B2B model focusing on improving customer support management for companies through their proprietary interaction management software, turning gnarly problems into an organized system.

Freshdesk came into existence thanks to an unhappy customer support incident that the founder went through, and ended up delivering a more productive and organized solution 6 months later. At an enterprise level, any increase in employee productivity or improving the customer experience like Freshdesk does, is bound to be snatched up by companies facing those issues.


A recruitment marketplace based on referrals by individuals/ hr consultants/ current professionals, which leverages social connections and profile data to analyze and bring out the most relevant candidates to employers.

Recruitment still seems to be an untapped market relative to its market size which is estimated to be $1 billion. Even a slight improvement in recruitment will make employers want to jump aboard because of the difficulty of procuring high quality talent.

Conducts in-depth interviews with successful entrepreneurs and personalities.

A passionate project undertaken with a genuine interest in its area of focus, is the primary reason for this artsy project turning into a successful venture. It adds value to its readers by bringing genuine depth in an area which already has a high interest level.

A SaaS model for sending bulk sms/emails to customer pools which can be managed efficiently through their software. enhances the productivity of companies enough while sending out bulk messages in the given format (sms/emails), for them to pay for it.

An example of gaining value in the enterprise life-cycle by enhancing task productivity.


A startup bringing a rendition of the ‘chai adda’ in Delhi to life has been backed by a lot of funding to open many outlets across Delhi/NCR. It offers over 25 varieties of tea.

Chaayos also targets users who want to meet, collaborate or work while ordering tea at their outlets. We have seen a plethora of similar concepts work in Delhi targeting a co-working feel, and Chaayos is another addition with a unique offering, plain and simple - chai.

A startup incubator with an innovative concept for startup founders. It takes applications from first time founders and acts as an online-first learning platform while showcasing consistent metrics during progress. is a baby of institution and has crafted its unique offering from the support and mentorship under which in itself is a successful innovation hub.

This market has plenty of interested customers (startup founders) in India today who are interested in what provides - learning and exposure. It squeezes the value out of its offering to founders by targeting companies as partners who need recruiting, innovative products, and startups to invest in or accelerate.


Now primarily a real estate listing company in India, it started out with an innovative concept about linking neighbors living in the same apartment community and organizing apartment management.

It intelligently evolved over time, as it was founded 8 years ago, into more of an advanced property search portal which later got acquired by Quickr. It keeps its existing management features and executes a real estate search with advanced filters.


A mobile analytics platform that also brings user engagement tools through their software development kit.

They focus highly on segmenting users based on custom parameters and drive personalized engagement campaigns to them. It works because it provides a better and easy-to-use solution for advanced user analytics and engagements for many
diverse mobile applications.

Capital Float

Capital float lends to small & medium sized businesses who need short term cash loans in their business cycles.

It works by solely relying on analyzing a business through its cash flows and expected receivables to determine eligibility. That helps reduce the risk of lending and makes their business model work. They come up with innovative credit models and bridge the gap between capital and business owners.


Now a successful venture, iYogi started out with humble beginnings, providing tech support to those in need to develop good Karma.

Having garnered over 3M customers internationally, and ability to support almost any electronic device or issue, the startup has pulled through and is only going to make further headway. Execution and persistence could be put down as the number one factors for iYogi’s success.


An interesting startup that delivers standardized and fresh cooked meals from its cloud kitchen.

Also having a competitively priced menu brings tiffin services to its competition. Its meals have met with great feedback from customers.

Freshmenu is successful because it takes its an innovative tech-enabled kitchen model and executes it beautifully at the right time where delivery services in India were soaring. Plainly, it’s food is great, it’s inexpensive, it has its own delivery system and it has a standardized cloud kitchen in multiple cities. So, it has been able to drive down costs considerably and provide great quality at a competitive price in the delivery market. Hence, it is a successful venture aimed at metros in India.


A data analytics based solution for e-retailers to cash in on more product sales through search, merchandizing, and recommendations on their websites. It has successfully helped a multitude of e-retailers across the world and is a global service provider that originiating in Bengaluru, India.

Measurable results through its technical implementations and has been headed towards massive expansion ever since it was founded due to an innovative, efficient and robust solution for e-retailers that increases their business. If any company can deliver this level of user personalization on site through data analytics and increase
revenue measurably, it is bound to be successful.


Designer fashion rental service.

Enough said, this model is successful in many parts of the world including New York, and flyrobe caters to the Indian market, which is a huge and attractive market for this concept. Given the number of Indian occasions and weddings one has to attend in India, this concept has kicked off and Flyrobe has executed this service timely and correctly.


CanvasFlip tracks user experience real time in mobile apps and shares helpful insights such as drop off rates for screens, and user interaction videos, within its app analytics.

Although operating in a competitive field of app analytics and prototyping tools, CanvasFlip has acquired numerous customers by adding valuable information for their users that they need. In a B2B environment, any innovative insight is helpful for creating better products and increasing revenue. Hence, innovation in this space is sure to be successful.


An up and coming startup based in Bengaluru delivers medicines within an hour. It has about 1,000 transactions per day and is backed by a VC fund.

It is up and coming because of the unstructured model of its competition that delivers medicines so far, and its unique selling point is its delivery market which is why it has seen an attractive spark. Executed correctly, this value providing startup can succeed further.

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