In a celebrity obsessed nation, everyone loves to keep track of their favourite stars. What are they upto, what are they wearing, who are they with, what movie are they shooting, what are they eating and lots more. We love to keep our B.Q (bollywood quotient) up to the minute. Keeping the love and the obsession alive, leading bollywood celebrities you love, will be launching their own mobile platforms starting April 2017. So stay tuned as India’s 1st bollywood startup is here for the stars, by the stars.

Today, Wingman Talent Management announced their tie-up with the Digital Media Company, Razr Media - a division of Razr Corp based out of Mumbai, India. Founded by Anshul Gupta and Sonu Lakhwani in 2016. The company specialises in developing proprietary digital solutions for the bollywood industry.

Wingman Talent Management manages some of Bollywood’s biggest celebrities. Unfortunately due to NDA with each celebrity, their names at this stage cannot be revealed but will follow shortly.

Known as the new age tech specialists, Razr Corp specialises in development of diverse platforms like mobile and web (OTT - Video), ticketing, trading, publishing, artist management, virtual reality production, carpooling and much more.

In phase 1, the app will launch a dedicated VR corner where fans can enjoy a plethora of content. Additionally there will be blogs, articles, videos, social media updates, images and lots more on the app. In phase 2 & 3, AI capabilities along with a dedicated personalized game followed by an app for smart TV’s. The goal is to be an independent web broadcaster with exclusive video content being churned out every week. The app will be an entry to the celebrity’s home, their journey and how they establish a personal level of connection by motivating their fans to accomplish their dreams. The platform aims at gradually extending to sportspersons, writers, leaders and social media influencers with followers more than 5 million.

Razr Corp, the parent company having developed over 20 mobile apps and over 75 platforms in the media and entertainment space. Razr has served more than 150 million consumers through its clients. The company already operates with a team of 30 members in Mumbai,India with offices in London & Luxembourg.

The company has partnered with Realabs,Luxembourg- A VR software company, Cloudwalker Technologies, Elysian Studios- A VR production house, VIDGYOR- An on-demand VOD platform,AIVA, Paris- The AI music platform, Big Trunk-Digital agency & Nextalytics- for IT consulting.

An ARM is a natural extension of the human body, similarly ARMS will be the third ARM for an artist, to achieve more, to gain full potential of their stardom. An artists digital rights are often complicated, with them owning next to none or in bits and pieces. ARMS gives them the power to be in control and build their digital asset and more importantly be in direct touch with their consumers.

With ARMS, any celebrity can own the I.P - which is the first in the industry, the platform, the rights, and most importantly - the control and monetization of the fan base around the world.

Razr Media’s A.R.M.S- A premium fan base management platform is in the form of a mobile app/tv app/ AI/VR/ 3D game connecting artists/sportsperson with their global fans and acting as an alternate revenue stream for them. Already having signed up with more than 15 top Bollywood artists with the first set of launches to begin from April 2017, Razr aims to develop & scale ARMS on a global level starting from Europe and UK where the parent company is already operational. A.R.M.S will be a revolutionary mobile product with all access and rights to celebrities who often complain of not being provided stats by their digital companies.

Brands that artists endorse, can now advertise on the artist’s platform directly to a much more engaged audience. An artist is no more an ambassador, he is the media house, distributor of his own content being at the centre of the ecosystem.

Commenting on the same, Anshul Gupta, Founder & Director Digital- Razr Corp said, “Imagine your favorite star motivating you daily to achieve your fitness goal, setting up your calendar, being like your Jarvis, we are going to bring this level of personalisation and customisation to the product. Wingman brings perfect synergies and help us accelerate the process of launching dedicated mobile apps and 360 degree platforms for some of the biggest Bollywood celebrities. With the best tech & associations we are going to provide a world-class experience and a whole new way to interact with your favorite stars.’’

Sonu Lakhwani, Founder Wingman Talent management, “My company Wingman Talent Management manages some established and many of Bollywood's emerging Talent, the future is digital & Bollywood is gladly embarking on this journey and what better than having your favorite stars regular updates at the click of a button. It was but natural for us to extend our digital operations and partner with Razr”

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