Having had the opportunity to work with a few startups on their Online marketing and Sales, I can tell you that you are always on a budget crunch.

So as a founder or an early employee, it becomes very essential to save every penny possible. And spending on tools is considered a luxury.

But in most cases, you would agree that using a tool could save so much time and effort. From automation tools that lets you run sales and marketing campaigns right from your Gmail account or a Gmail extension for cold emailing to a social media tool — in your cold outreach — that lets you view the LinkedIn profile of your leads  in your Gmail Inbox.   

So I thought it would be useful to share free alternatives to paid tools that I personally use.

1. Heap Analytics

Heap analytics is an alternative for Google analytics in terms of collecting visitor data. Except that Heap has a beautiful user interface and lets you do so much more.

Be it building conversion funnels or pulling out data in form of graphs, Heap lets you do all this in under a minute.

Heap Conversion Funnel
Heap conversion funnel

But my personal favorite is segmentation based on user activity.

heap user segmentation
heap user segmentation

Heap user Segmentation helps you visualize and understand visitor data is an efficient way.

2. Grammarly Plugin

Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can be a turn off in business communication. Grammarly is an awesome plugin/tool which helps you curb that.

It automatically checks anything you write in an Internet browser and lets you correct — spelling errors, sentence formation, and other grammatical errors. An another free tool, where one can check grammar online - You can check here.

Makes your emails, articles, social media updates error free.

3. Hemingway web app

The Hemingway App encourages crisp writing by identifying hard-to-read sentences, passive voice, and redundant words.

It can be extremely useful for making your blog posts more readable.

Hemingway Editor

4. LSI keyword generator

Whenever you plan on writing an SEO optimized blog article, it is essential to target the main keyword across the post.

But using the same keyword makes your post appear unnatural. This is where you can use the LSI Keyword generator. The generator generates keywords that are semantically linked to your main keyword which you can you can use to maintain a good keyword density.

Google has also confirmed that by using more LSI keywords, your page will typically rank better.

5. Headline analyzer

The headline is unquestionably the most important piece of a copy. Thus making this a must use tool for copywriters and social media marketers.

The Headline analyzer will determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EVM)score. Higher the EVM score, the better. If you have low EVM score, it is advisable to rewrite your headline.

In addition, it also helps you find out the emotion your headline most impacts:

Headline analyzer

6. Streak


Streak is an email view tracking tool that you can add to your Gmail.

It sends you a notification every time your mail is viewed, and it also keeps a count of the number of times the receiver has viewed the email.

Based on the number of views and activity, you know when to follow up.

7. Rapportive

Rapportive is mainly a social media tool that lets you view the LinkedIn profile of your leads — directly in your Gmail inbox. You can use this information to understand more about the person and add him to your network.

I have rapportive under sales because it is a handy tool when you are cold emailing someone. It helps you confirm the recipient’s email id if he has connected it to his Linkedin account.

Tip: Most ids follow the firstname@company.com or firstname.lastname@company.com

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