Accenture and Adobe have announced collaboration to co-develop industry-specific generative AI solutions aimed at accelerating marketing transformation. This strategic expansion of their over 20-year relationship will leverage Adobe Firefly, Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models, to help organizations create personalized content at scale.

The partnership will focus on integrating Adobe Firefly Custom Models into Accenture Song's marketing services, providing clients with the necessary insights to train bespoke models on their proprietary data and brand guidelines. The solutions will initially target the retail and consumer goods, automotive, financial services, and health industries, aiming to streamline the content creation process and reduce manual adjustments.

David Droga, CEO of Accenture Song, highlighted the increasing demand for scalable generative AI solutions and the potential for these technologies to democratize creative asset development and accelerate content supply chain transformation.
Accenture and Adobe to Co-Develop Industry-Specific Generative AI Solutions

With an initial focus on the retail and consumer goods, automotive, financial services and health industries, the new solutions will leverage Accenture’s extensive data and AI engineering capabilities and systematic approach to responsible AI, coupled with its approach to driving unified brand experiences. By integrating the solutions with Adobe’s broader suite of generative AI-powered solutions and client systems, organizations can realize value faster with content that is globally consistent, locally relevant and industry specific. Additionally, Accenture engineers will be trained to be specialists in Adobe Firefly, allowing them to provide support for clients deploying generative AI campaigns.

Accenture and Adobe to Co-Develop Industry-Specific Generative AI Solutions

"Brands today are looking for ways to go beyond experimenting with generative AI to achieve real impact,” said David Droga, chief executive officer, Accenture Song. “Whether it’s consumer goods companies scaling their product data and images in e-marketplaces worldwide, or healthcare providers ensuring brand standards for patient safety, the demand for scalable generative AI solutions is increasing. By bringing together Adobe technology with Accenture Song’s tech-powered creativity, we can help democratize the ability for teams to develop creative assets and accelerate content supply chain transformation.”

According to Accenture research, business leaders are positive about the potential of generative AI—97% expect generative AI to be transformative for their company and their industry, yet only 31% of organizations say they have started investing “significantly” in generative AI initiatives. Accenture is committed to providing solutions for clients that help them navigate the reinvention of work, transformation of their organization and responsible adoption of AI.

"Businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage generative AI to deliver truly personalized experiences that connect with their customers,” said David Wadhwani, president, Digital Media Business, Adobe. "Firefly is an enterprise grade solution that powers a full suite of generative capabilities - from content generation to editing to assembly - through our industry-leading applications and enterprise automation APIs. We are excited to partner with Accenture to define and implement solutions that empower organizations around the world to harness the power of AI."

By generating content that aligns with brand style and design language, marketers can build templatized campaigns that can be refined based on performance data, streamlining the content creation process and reducing manual adjustments. Accenture engineers will also be trained as specialists in Adobe Firefly to support clients deploying generative AI campaigns.

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