Writing is an art which very few human beings possess. But, this art might soon be available to all, courtesy robots with artificial intelligence and smart writing skills. While a lot of these AI tools are already in the market, some of them are still in the development stages as their developers are trying their best to hook these robots up with human intelligence and creative syntax of professional writers.

Here is a list of some content writing tools with artificial intelligence that are already in the market and really worth giving a try:

Content Top

"If its exclusive, it is good." This is probably one of the main reasons that seemed to have peaked people's interest in Content Top. Claiming to be a content writing app with a brain, this AI tool is available only on request.

According to Content Top's website, it is an artificially intelligent writing mentor and assistant that aims to translate the thoughts of its users into interesting blog posts.

The SAAS based Content Writing Software requires no download, no setup and helps in bringing down the writing time by eliminating the time wasted in research and thinking about the outline of an article. If one already has a headline for their article or blog post in their, all they have to do is fill in some details and get a rough draft of their blog post within a few minutes. If one doesn't have a headline, Content Top's artificially intelligent mentor will guide them step by step in building their article.


Now here's an AI that has actually competed with a Financial Times correspondent Sarah in crunching financial data and creating a longer version of a story. Though it was faster, but towards the end Emma wasn't selected as a winner as it wasn't yet there when it came to creating a palatable story for humans.

Emma is an autonomous AI, a combination of two neural networks - a convolutional neural network and a bayesian method based network. It is capable of analysing, writing and providing insights autonomously using supervised and unsupervised learning, with the aim of augmenting financial, business analysis and consulting work for enterprises and professionals. It is currently being used by news and media houses to create the first draft of the news byte.

IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

This one has gained some amazing popularity when it comes to AI tools for writing as its tone analyser is capable of detecting the tone of a word based on the sentence it is being used in. Hence, it not only helps in understanding the meaning but also the context. It can really prove as a helping hand in digging deeper into what are actually meanings of chat boxes and calls.

The AI tool analyzes text at the document level and the sentence level. The document level analysis can be used to get a sense of the overall tone of the document, and the sentence level analysis can be used to identify specific areas of your content where tones are the strongest.

IBM has kept the first thousand API calls per month free. Additional 1 – 250,000 calls are $0.0088 per call, 250,001 – 5,000,000 calls are $0.0013 per call, 5,000,000+ calls are $0.0008 per call.

While the aforementioned AI tools might not be able to substitute a writer yet, but they surely can act as small complements to existing writers.

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