Virtual reality is currently one of the hottest talks of the town. The technology, which has the potential of becoming a major aspect of future technology, offers its users a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by the person. The person becomes a part of this virtual world or is immersed within this environment for a brief period of time and, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions whilst there.

Seeing the attention Virtual reality is garnering in India, a number of companies here are working on the concept and coming up with their own products focused around Virtual reality. Here's a list of 10 Virtual reality startups in India that are currently meticulously working towards changing the way humans interact with computers.


Started with an aim of eliminating barriers between the real and the unreal world, SmartVizX prides itself on being one of the highest funded startups in the Virtual reality category. The startup, which offers a wide variety of interactive and immersive VR solutions across devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile etc., has also been named 'Start-up of The Week’ in the recent past by NASSCOM under its much famous 10000 start-ups initiative.

At SmartVizX, the mission is to disrupt the traditional decision-making process and buying behavior by creating Virtual Reality solutions for Businesses. They're currently catering to the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry. The startup's products VIZ, ARCH-VIZ, ARCH-VIZ (Mobile) etc., offer innovative features such as, interactive walk-through of an entire project, actual simulation of sun's light in a particular room of the project during any particular time of the day, a view of immediate surroundings from balconies and other vantage points from the project etc. Hence, the customer can get to experience a realistic simulation, of how their property would turn out to be.

Grey Kernel

Being one of India's first VR-based startup, Grey Kernel's “IRA VR”, which was the startup's flagship product, has become the most successful Indian VR product on Google Play store. The startup hosts in-house developed content and also the content its curates from several Indian/International Virtual Reality studios.

Taking birth in the year 2015, Grey Kernel's first Virtual Reality demo for Oculus Rift DK2 landed a place in RoadToVR, which is considered as one of the top most International VR e-journals. Gaining momentum from this feat, the company was successfully able to pull of an International VR project.

Whereas most of the India based VR production Studios are currently focusing their attention on creating Monoscopic 360 degree videos, this particular startup is a front-runner in the space. It has been able to achieve this pedestal by creating Stereoscopic/Interactive Virtual reality content and being able to solve engineering/distribution for their clients that are into media & publishing, real estate and marketing agencies.


Founded by college friends Vaishali Neotia and Hasan Ali Khan in 2011, Merxius (mer-she-us) is both Augmented & Virtual Reality company from Hyderabad. Merxius has created a flagship product - RealSim Editor, or RED which the founders call it Photoshop for Virtual Reality. With RED anyone who has a 3D model can import it into this platform and in one click, can get virtual reality (VR) out of it. The RED tool is currently being tested by the Indian Armed Forces to create a training module for engine maintenance.

The startup, which is yet to raise funds, was recently added to the list of top 10 deep tech companies by IBM SmartCamp and has also been selected for a Tata Elxsi incubation programme.


Founded in the year 2007, Xenium started contributing to the VR scene in India only in 2014. The startup firmly believes that VR has the potential of providing researchers with tools to accelerate scientific discovery, businesses with new visualization techniques and developers with fresh creative insights. The VR venture had been started even when wireless headgear like Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift etc. were not available in the Indian Market after their release.

The firm has been credited for being the fourth company in the world and the first in India to have successfully attempted doing a live streaming using Virtual Reality. Complete VR systems and application development are among many of the services being provided by the startup. Xenium's virtual reality solutions are known to cater to the needs of both enterprises and in academics as it paves the way for enhanced communication and innovation.

Tesseract Inc.

The startup managed to put itself on world's Virtual Reality map by inventing the first 360 Virtual Reality Camera ever. With Tesseract, the founder, Kshitij's dream is to able to empower everyone with the ability to capture their precious memories in 360 and VR, and relive them as if they were in the same moment back again.

With its hardware/software designed, innovated, and manufactured out of India, Tesseract's plan is to completely transform the way humans record, consume and share content currently.

Tesseract's Methane 360 VR is a hit in the travel and real-estate world and is being currently employed by big companies like Grabhouse, MakeMyTrip and Nestaway etc. It's latest invention is a consumer grade 360 Virtual Reality Camera – ViCAM, which is being termed as the world’s smallest 360 Virtual Reality Camera.



Based out of the capital city New Delhi, the award-winning digital services and UX design agency has been able to carve a space for itself both in the Indian virtual and augmented reality space. It is working across a wide range of verticals which includes enterprise, education and entertainment.

By focusing its energies on good, clear design and user experience, Trimensions aims to bring new exciting technologies within the reach of the common man in India. Its name is famous in the industry for developing innovative new approaches to train people. The startup is also into 360 video production and VR for training simulations and AR for machine maintenance.

Look Mobility

Started in 2015, Look is a Bengaluru-based startup founded by Ashwin Krishnan. It is essentially a flexible and powerful development platform for creating multi-platform 3D virtual reality interactive experiences for Android and Google Cardboard and a complete ecosystem for anyone who aims to build a business on creating high-end content and connecting to their most loyal and enthusiastic players and customers. Apart from this, The startup has solution for the content consuming part of the platform as it has created its own world's first flat foldable VR headsets called foloVR.

Still in a nascent stage, this startups look promising because of its offerings & solution which is unique in Indian market as not many startups are working in VR development platform as far as India is concerned.



The country's first Virtual Reality content production studio for consumers as well as businesses, Meraki was founded a year ago by Arvind Ghorwal, Parth Choksi, Agam Garg and Sairam Sagiraju.

With an illustrious client list which includes names such as Star Sports, Network 18, Percept Pictures and Channel V, Meraki is currently into creating 360 degree films for experiential marketing, real estate, events, tourism, sports, adventure, advertisements, weddings, news and fiction.



Conceived and executed in November 2011 by Hemanth Satyanarayana, an alumnus of IIT-Madras and Indian School of Business, Imaginate Technologies, Inc is not just a virtual reality startup but an augmented reality startup too. Its flagship VR product called NuSpace can be used in industrial training and collaborative design, from a manufacturing point of view. Its technology can be used to provide customised VR and AR solutions to those in the retail, healthcare, defence, education and entertainment segments, among others.

The Hyderabad-based startup is backed by venture fund SRI Capital which invested Rs 3.35 crore ($500,000) as seed fund in the startup recently.



Based out of Bangalore, GazeMatic has built a reputation for itself in the VR world by building “THE CALLER”, a mobile app for Virtual Reality. A first of its kind voice caller app, "THE CALLER" can help the user teleport himself when they are on a call with their friend. The app has found instantaneous success since its launch and has managed to score users in US, UK, Germany, Russia along with India.

Founded by Karthikeyan NG and MohanRaj MS in the year 2015, GazeMatic has become a hub of all the De-facto companies in the startup ecosystem of India in just one year. Thanks



Founded in June 2015, by BITS Pilani, Goa dropouts Shubham Mishra, Vrushali Prasade and Harikrishna Valiyath, AbsentiaVR has been able to carve a place for itself in the VR startup world with its highly innovative virtual reality headset called Tesseract. The headset wishes to provide users an incremental experience in the newest available format i.e the 3-D virtual reality.

The founders decided to come together and startup AbsentiaVR upon realizing the grave need to bridge the gulf between existing virtual reality and electronic content.

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