India's very own 'Silicon Valley,' Bangalore had an amazing 2016. The year saw many new startups with innovative, out of the box ideas capturing the Indian startup scene. Here's giving you a load down on all the Bangalore Startups that caught the world's eye this year.

Graviky Labs

Carbon Capturing | Founders- Anirudh Sharma

Graviky Labs is one of the few carbon capturing startups in the world and only such startup in India. It is taking stock of the growing pollution situation in the country by creating paint and ink from pollution itself. The startup has built a contraption that gets connected to the exhaust on the tail pipe of a vehicle, and once it is done collecting the raw carbon, the soot, it take it through a purification process which successfully converts that air pollution into printing ink. The same procedure can be done using chimneys or boats to collect effluence and then convert that into ink.

The startup has entered into a partnership with Tiger Beer, the famous Heineken Asia Pacific-owned alcohol brand, and had already made 150 litres of Tiger Air Ink from air pollution by September this year. The startup has also made a breakthrough device that can traps pollutants exiting a car's exhaust pipe which is then re-purposed and made into ink.[Read More]


(L-R) Ankur, Ankit and Arpit | Pic Via -

FinTech | Founders -- Ankit Ratan, Ankur Pandey, Arpit Ratan

Signzy makes use of a unique combination of Artificial Intelligence and advanced cryptography to provide a digital on-boarding solution for banks, NBFCs and several other financial institutions. The startup aims to make digital regulatory processes secure, simpler and more compliant than ever.

The year 2016 has been an extremely successful one for the startup as it has won several laurels and awards. This year, the startup has won the Payment System Innovation Contest 2016 IDRBT competition, which was sponsored by RBI. It also became one of the 400 startups recognized by DIPP. In addition to this, the startup was 3rd among Indian fintech players using technologies such as AI and blockchain (2016) in IBM SmartCamp, Top 30 among global fintech players at Silicon Valleys largest fintech accelerator (2016), and Top 25 among USISTEF entries selected for Empowering Citizens Category(2016).

Bempu Health

IoT/Healthcare | Founders - Ratul Narain

The Bangalore-based medical device social enterprise has been successful in garnering applause from all over the world for setting on a mission to make hypothermic newborn deaths a thing of the past, especially in India, by inventing Bempu, a continuous temperature monitoring bracelet combined with an inbuilt thermometer. The device ensures that a premature and low birth-weight newborn maintains a healthy temperature.

The startup made India proud this year by being the only Indian company to be selected among 12 global innovators who will be receiving millions in funding from Saving Lives at Birth partnership, which started in the year 2011 and includes US Agency for International Development, the Government of Norway, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, U.K’s Department for International Development, Grand Challenges Canada, and the Korea International Cooperation Agency. [Read More]

FluxGen Engineering Technologies

Renewables & Environment | Founders: Ganesh Shankar, Dr. Gopala Krishna Murthy, C N Thimmapiah, Vinod Prabhu

The startup aims to develop IoT based products for sustainable technologies with a special focus on rural development. The startup's flagship product, "Energy and Water Manager" (EWM) makes use of energy and water micro-grids. It employees Internet of Things (IOT) to solve the prevailing problems that are present in Indian micro-grids.

The startup's vision is to push towards technologies that are associated with renewable energy systems so that energy by renewable energy become economically viable as well as the engineering wisely reliable. The startup's founders are alumni of Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Science. FluxGen’s customers include Indian Railways, Robert Bosch and Titan.


Medical Device | Founders- Arvind Badrinarayanan, Sumukh Mysore

The two-year-old medical device startup aims to produce advanced, affordable and customizable devices for a variety of needs. It has made a name for itself by developing Taal, a low-cost, highly functional digital stethoscope, that aims to improve the quality of diagnosis, and reduce the time that is currently required to measure cardiovascular parameters among many other possible applications. The device consists of a circular hardware device, that is paired with a smartphone app and can function across species from cats to humans.

Though Taal isn’t the first digital stethoscope, what makes it different from others is the fact that MUSEinc team has inserted a processor that enables automation of the calculation of the heart rate and recording of other sounds from within the body. [Read More]


Smartphone | Founders- Sai Srinivas, Shubham Malhotra, Rachit Rastogi

(L-R) - Shubham Malhotra, Rachit Rastogi andSai Srinivas -- Co-founders of Creo,

Ever since smartphones came into our lives, nothing much has actually changed in them. All the smartphones, irrespective of the brands and configurations, are almost the same. Indian smartphone startup Creo understands this problem and promises to offer something new and different everyday when it comes to Android phones.

The startup's flagship product, Mark 1 comes with frequent updates to the phone’s Android skin that are so unique that the smartphone users will be "getting a new phone every month."

Creo's aim is to build an OS with features that no other Smartphone has ever had, and which they can easily get licensed to the international hardware manufacturers. After launching and finding a base in the Indian market, they will work on expanding to Southeast Asia. [Read More]

Cooey Technologies

IoT Health | Founders- Manu Madhusudan

An end to end health monitoring IOT platform, Cooey aims to collect (device), store, analyze and provide insights of the vital signs of patients. It connects a user with various health services and provides them personalized services according to their health state.

The startup was in news this year for launching India’s first IOT glucometer that wirelessly syncs data with a smartphone. The small, pocket-sized device is portable, can connect to a smartphone using the 3.5mm headphone jack and transfers readings automatically into the Cooey mobile application. [Read More]

OmiX Labs

Biotech | Founders: Sudeshna Adak, Abhinanda Sarkar

Infectious diseases make up for nearly 50% of disease burden in India and more than 50% people in this percentage belong to people at the bottom of the pyramid and are children below the age 5. Delay in diagnosis and treatment leads to increased risk of complications, higher morbidity and mortality and increased treatment costs to patients. This is where OmiX Labs comes into action. It is a technology platform that allows cost-effective DNA testing for early diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

The startup, which is in its nascent stage, aims to bring substantial advancements in the field of molecular diagnosis and provide access to lower income groups, who mostly do not have an access to laboratories.

Cardiac Design Labs

Medical Devices | Founders -- Anand Madanagopal, Ajax Thomas, Praveen L Murthy, Mosin Badkar

Cardiac Design Labs is a start-up company engaged in the design and development of, state-of-the-art, next generation medical products. The company has built a medical diagnostic device -- MIRCaM, that combines communications and heart monitoring technology and is designed for use in rugged rural conditions. Through the device, the patient can be monitored from home by doctors. The cardiologist will be able to remotely interact and diagnose the patient using his cell phone.

The device priced at one-sixth the cost of other comparable devices can identify Arrhythmia and coronary heart diseases. The device is an important invention in a country like India where 35.9% deaths occurs due to heart diseases.

Preksh Innovations

Augmented Reality | Founders -- Kodandarama M A, Sathvik Muralidhar, Saikat Sinha, Sharath Chandrashekar

Founded in the year 2015, the Augmented Reality solutions company provides omni-channel solution for consumers to seamlessly interact with a brick and mortar store offline as well as online at their own convenience.

The startup came into the limelight this year for its last year's achievement of launching World’s first patented augmented Reality solution for retail and filing two patents for same. The technology solution provided by the startup can be rendered on AR gadgets to allows consumers to shop from stores while sitting at home, and provides an experience similar to the way one shops in offline stores. [Read More]

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