Hyderabad-based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) made waves in the Indian startup world last year when it announced about opening an Innovation Hub (iHUB@CCMB) in its medical biotechnology complex there. CCMB, which is a research establishment of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), set up the Innovation Hub with an aim of engaging with the industry and translating its own research into reality.

After the launch, the iHUB is in the news once again for selecting four biology startup companies- Bioartis, Virupaksha Life Sciences, Theranosis and Oncosimis. This is for the very first time that the Innovation hub has signed up four biology startup companies. All the selected four have already exchanged a licence agreement with the CCMB to incubate their startups at CCMB's Hyderabad-based iHUB.

A press release announcing the selection reveals that the CCMB has put in extra efforts in providing state-of-the-art facilities at iHUB so that any biology startup could make optimum use of those facilities as "plug and play" mode and have these at their disposal.

According to a statement given by CCMB Director Rakesh Mishra, the basic idea behind setting up iHUB was that any biology startup in India shouldn't have to look beyond iHuB for facilities and that each of these startups should be provided with a fair chance at becoming a success by executing their business plans.

He also added that the Innovation hub hosts a number of activities like scientist-industry interactions and training programmes on how-to produce industry-ready human resource that would specifically prove beneficial to the biotech industry.

Here's some more information about the selected 4 biology startups:

1) Oncosimis Bitotech Private Limited

Incorporated on 05 December, 2016 by Lokireddy Chandra Mohan Reddy and Lokireddy Sudarsanareddy, this Telangana-based biology startup plans to establish their innovative processes in the production of biosimilars and develop a novel/innovative process to prepare a number of cancer drugs.

2) Virupaksha Life Sciences

Incorporated in November 2016 by its founder M Bala Subba Reddy, Virupaksha Life sciences plans to utilise iHUB facilities to develop novel molecules for diabetes.

3) Theranosis Lifesciences Pvt Ltd

Incorporated in February 2016 by founders Shibi Chakravarthy and Balakrishna Venugopal Nambur, Theranosis Lifesciences Pvt Ltd is a Biotech R&D startup, which is on a mission to enable personalized cancer therapy by harnessing the power of Asia’s largest biobank of patient derived tumor tissues and India’s BioIT S/W skills to develop and deliver novel theranostic products for the global market and clinical diagnostic services to the Indian market.

The startup's vision is to build on the recent advances being made in the medical technology field and give birth to a sustainable, viable and scalable product-oriented Biotech R&D company with a goal to deliver niche "in vitro diagnostics" for enabling personalised cancer care.

4) Bioartis Life Sciences Private Limited

Founded by Sunanda Arvapally, Jatin Arrvapalli, Deepti Naseer and Nasaruddin Khaja in July 2014, Bioartis Life Sciences Private Limited is focused on optimizing and validating novel diagnosis methods for diseases of animal and marine origin. It also plans to develop diagnostic kits for such marine diseases.

According to the Press Release, all the selected four biology startups are expected to start their activities at iHub very soon.

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