Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, here's something big coming your way this year. Tech giant Google is reportedly in the planning stages of bringing the gifts of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to the tiny in size but big on features Raspberry Pi in the year 2017.

According to The Raspberry Pi Foundation, "Google is going to arrive in style in 2017. The tech titan has exciting plans for the maker community."

The Foundation also added that the tech giant aims to make a range of smart tools available by the end of this year. Google's range of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can enable the maker community to come up with more innovative and powerful projects than they were previously unable to do because of the limited features.

Google has reportedly developed a huge and diverse range of tools right for home automation, machine learning, Internet of Things, robotics, wearables, and it is now floating a survey amongst the Raspberry Pi fans in order to understand what tools they want them to provide.

Google's survey mentions natural language processing and sentiment analysis, as well as face- and emotion-recognition and speech-to-text translation. In addition to the aforementioned tools, the advertising-to-cloud-computing giant will also be providing Raspberry Pi with an extremely powerful technology for bots, predictive analytics, and navigation.

According to The Raspberry Pi Foundation, not only will the survey help Google in getting a feel for the Raspberry Pi community, but it'll also help the community in getting the kinds of services they need.

Selling over ten million units, this tiny, low-cost Raspberry Pi board has scripted an unexpected success story. It's developers had initially thought that they won't be able to sell more than 1,000 units, so the sales figures came as a pleasant surprise for them.

Raspberry Pi started its journey in February, 2012 with an initial aim of inspiring more and more UK students to take up computer science, but over the years, the Pi has been successful in having a far more wider impact than that.

[Image: Alphr.com]

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