It's 2016, and technology has crept in almost all the things that we use on our daily basis. Whether its our kitchen, our parking lots or even our bathrooms, technology has made everything better. So, why should our clothes stay behind? Modelled on a somewhat similar thought is 13-ONE's Everest Jacket enabled with NASA technology that retains 90 percent of a person’s body heat, giving them added warmth and protection without any extra weight.

Founded by Indian-American entrepreneur, runner and mother of three, Hema Nambiar, 13-ONE is an innovative small business. The startup's name has been derived from length of a half-marathon.

Confident about its product, the startup has launched a crowd-funding page for its impressive Everest Jacket range on 24th of last month with a goal of raising a whopping $10,000 by December 24.

The thing that sets apart Everest Jacket from all the other jackets is that its silver lining is technology developed by NASA to protect astronauts in space from extreme temperatures. The startup is hopeful that the jacket will soon become a favourite among runners for an everyday basis. According to the startup, the jacket can lend faster recovery following intense activities, such as a half marathon.

Weighing a mere 8.3 ounces, the jacket comes with a self-storing pocket and snug hood, which makes it an ideal clothing choice for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, travelers or just everyday people on the go.


The jacket comes in three styles: Unisex Windbreaker, Unisex Full Zip UP, and Women's Trench. While the windbreaker and full zip-up jackets are priced at $150 and $165, respectively, and are available in unisex sizes from XXS to XXL, the women's trench is priced at $200, and is available in sizes from XS to L.

1) Unisex Windbreaker- A sportier style jacket, the unisex windbreaker can be an ideal sportswear for students and outdoor athletes that may have to face an unpredictable weather. It can easily fit into a backpack or sports bag easily without adding any extra weight.

2) Unisex Full Zip UP- The jacket comes with a dropped tail, and can be worn for activities like biking, hiking, camping, sporting events or maybe simply while walking one's dog.

3) Women's Trench- The jacket's clean design lends modern sophistication to the entire look. It keeps one warm and stylish, both at the same time.

Nambiar drew inspiration for 13-ONE, when she was in the post recovery phase from her two massive surgeries, which had led her to receive a synthetic diaphragm and relearn breathing.

In order to celebrate her recovery, she decided to run her first ever half marathon. After she successfully completely the race, each of them were rewarded with a thin silver blanket to keep warm. According to Nambiar, those silver blankets were a symbol of triumph and warm, and this is the very feeling she is trying to capture with her 13-ONE jackets.

13-ONE has had the honour of being chosen to participate in the prestigious Goldman Sachs/Tory Burch “10,000 Small Businesses” program. The startup's newest jackets were exhibited at the White House’s first summit of the United State of Women in Washington this year. They have also partnered with the Space Foundation and Heatsheets, which is the leading manufacturer of reflective insulated fabrics.

With 5 days remaining from its 24 December deadline, the startup has already surpassed its aim of $10,000 and has raised $12,986 from 72 backers.

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