Does slow internet connection make you cringe to your very soul? Then, Rotten WiFi is the app for you. It is a super informative app which lets locals and travellers express their opinion about the paid and free public WiFi spots with the help of sarcastic caricatures and nifty phrases.

The app has been designed from the technical point of view so as to evaluate the 3G and WiFi connections. It also provides the users with a platform where they can share recommendations for areas with higher performing internet connection. The app has an aim of making crappy and slow internet connection a thing of past.

The app is free to download for iOS and Android users.

Rotten WiFi provides internet users all around the world to act as "watchdogs" of slow and crappy internet connections.

The app comes packed with several unique and outstanding features. The latest feature that has caught the attention of many users is that users can now find any place that they’re planning to visit on the Web app, then customize the map by using filters, get all the WiFi spots along with addresses that were already tested by others, save the map to their Smartphone’s app and then easily use it offline when they finally arrive at that particular place.

Using the app, the users can express their emotions about rotten 3G and WiFi connections in public spaces like Airports, conference centres, hotels and restaurants etc.


The app lets the users rate their internet experience from 0 to 10 using the Net Promoter Score. Here, 0 means no internet connection at all, 1-3 refers to rotten/bad internet, 4-6 means fair, 7,8 refers to good and finally 9,10 means excellent internet connection. The Net Promoter Score lets the app measure the customer satisfaction and have knowledge about the number of promoters and distracters each place has.

The app even lets its user share their information about the quality of internet connection on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Fouraquare and through email. When the users have shared their grievances about the quality of internet, they can use Rotten WiFi to find a better alternative WiFi spot in the nearby location.


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