1mg, India’s largest digital health platform, has announced the acquisition of MediAngels to strengthen its position in the eHealth space in India. With this acquisition, 1mg is entering the space of super speciality consultations, corporate health services and insurance partnerships, which MediAngels had been building over the last 4 years.

“With MediAngels platform and team on board, our offering set is significantly enhanced. Our consumers can now access a deep network of over 450 super specialists across India and the world, and we also get an entry into the corporate health space through this platform. We now offer a comprehensive suite of services to consumers as well as corporate customers which includes ePharmacy, eDiagnostics, eConsultations and Super Speciality Second Opinions as well. Dr Arbinder Singal, co-founder of MediAngels is helping us build and deliver the best in class second opinion service. We are now servicing the entire 360 degree healthcare value chain for our consumers. We are committed to make 1mg the one destination for all health needs and are really excited to achieve another milestone in that journey," says Prashant Tandon (CEO, 1mg).

MediAngels.com was set up in 2011 to bring topmost super-specialist doctors within everyone’s reach using technology. The founding team included Dr Arbinder Singal and Dr Debraj Shome, both themselves super specialist doctors. Dr Arbinder Singal is a Pediatric urologist with international fame and has served as the director for last year, and he led the B2B channel development for the business.

With more than 450 super specialist doctor strong team across 93 specialties, MediAngels has seen good number of cases in cardiology, cancers, neurosurgery, orthopedics and pediatric subspecialties and traction from both - metros and tier 2 cities.

With rising healthcare costs and higher percentage of people under insurance coverage, the enterprises saw it fit to take second opinion at MediAngels for auditing and understanding if surgery/ hospitalisation is required. A recent collaborative study by MediAngels and a major private health insurer for knee replacement surgeries across India found that 18% of the knee replacements were either not needed or could have waited before surgery was the only option left. In such cases, patient is happy avoiding pain of surgery and enterprise as a payer saves money. While the money savings was huge, it also built a lot of trust for the consumers. The company already has a backing of most top insurers and several corporates who have enrolled for the service for second opinions and employee health benefits.

Dr Arbinder Singal, founder of MediAngels added, “We started MediAngels.com to make doctors like ourselves available without the limit of distance and the journey so far has been very good. With rapid adoption of technology and web on mobile, the time is right for eHealth platforms to serve the basic need of every Indian- complete the cycle of healthcare for the consumer at a click. Within 1mg ecosystem, we plan to scale up second opinions and drive B2B engagements with more insurers and corporates. Our robust technology tools will help them optimise employee benefits spends on healthcare and to have a healthier workforce. We see a great future ahead with this union and we will aim to become accepted as the top most eHealth platform in India by bringing the best of medical brains and technology together on one platform.”

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