While Facebook, Google, AT&T, and Verizon were still talking about it and putting a plan into action, Starry, a startup led by Indian origin entrepreneur Chaitanya “Chet” Kanojia went ahead and did it. The future of internet access lies in being wireless, and this particular thing is being discussed in the public domain for quite sometime now. But, instead of just doing the talking, Starry decided to jump on the bandwagon and do something concrete.

Starry, a Boston-based internet service provider (ISP) that aims to deliver super-fast internet access wirelessly, has finally launched its first closed beta in the Boston area.

The startup first announced about its Starry Internet service at the starting of this year, along with its Starry Station intelligent router that lets one easily manage their WiFi connections.

The Starry Internet service is capable of providing the user with over 700 Mbps download speeds, which is several times faster than the speeds you can probably get from a cable modem. Yes, it is that fast. Until now, consumers would require a fiber connection to get this kind of speeds.

However, don't get excited so soon. For now, Starry's beta is only catering to a very small number of testers and won't be open as a public beta in whole of Boston until early 2017. Starry has planned not to go beyond the city of Boston till late next year. Also, the startup hasn't yet divulged anything about how much is the service going to actually cost, but they have made the customers quite inquisitive by saying that the price would be much cheaper than what a standard consumer connection costs nowadays. The startup hasn't yet revealed about when the service will exit its beta testing stage and be available to all.

How does Starry work?

In order to make the Starry Internet service function effectively, the startup has planned to install Starry Beams transmitters on the top of buildings in Boston's urban areas. These Beams are then plugged into the fiber internet connections, almost the same way as the wireless carriers transmitters do in order to deliver 4G data to our phones. But, unlike them, Starry Beam makes use of millimeter wave, a different kind of frequency, which is much, much faster than 4G to a receiver in our home.

Those receivers are being called Starry Points, and one can easily install them in their window, almost the same way we install an air conditioner in our home. The Point then ends up connecting to one's WiFi router, and they can easily use this high speed internet normally from there.

Launched in January this year, Starry intends to usher in a new era of broadband connectivity, by developing and deploying the world’s first active phased array technology for consumer internet communications to launch America’s next nationwide fixed wireless broadband provider. With the backing of premier investors including names like FirstMark Capital, Tiger Global, IAC, KKR, HLVP and Quantum Strategic Partners, the startup strongly believes that the future is wireless and is strongly working in that direction.

According to Starry founder and CEO, Chaitanya “Chet” Kanojia, “The future of connectivity is wireless and having simple, affordable access to an internet connection is imperative for every household and business." “But, far too many people don’t have a choice in how they access that connection. We set out to build an innovative alternative to wired broadband using millimeter waves and proprietary technology to deliver ultra high speed broadband to your home, wirelessly. With Starry’s technology, we can deploy and scale faster than traditional wired networks – at a fraction of the cost. This is how the networks of the future will be built around the globe.”

[Top Image- cnet2.cbsistatic.com]

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