We all have found ourselves in situations when we see someone wearing a particular garment and we develop instant liking for it and want it for ourselves. While it is easier to inquire when the person is a friend, it becomes a little awkward when we don't know the person. Well, not anymore.

One of India's leading smartphone manufacturer, Karbonn, is currently working on a unique use of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to aid commerce. They are calling it visual commerce.

“We are now dabbling with artificial intelligence, a first for commerce. So with our new Fashion Eye smartphone, users will be able to click the photo of a shirt after which the AI engine will throw options of where you can buy the same or a similar product across online sellers,” said KarbonnMobiles' Executive Director Shashin Devasare in a statement to a national daily.

It is interesting to note that while a number of world's top smartphone manufacturers are currently working on bringing AI into smartphones, Karbonn has decided to use the technology to aid commerce. This isn't something new, Karbonn has since its inception has had a very different opinion of the Indian market and believes that volume is what the country needs. “There are a lot of multinationals who think 250 million is a huge number, but it is their outlook. Our interest is in the next half a billion users, that is where Karbonn is focused," said Devasare.

Karbonn also believes that it is completely unfair that expectations from technology are going to be different for India's rural market. Though they do accept the fact that affordability is hugely different. According to them, while these customers might have agreed to make some compromises, but those aren't big enough to brand them as a completely different breed altogether. Hence, Karbonn is trying its best to address these differentiated customers. The company's aim is to bring out the smart telephone experience in a beautiful and simple manner.

According to Devasare, the Smartphone market in India has unfortunately started showing signs of having reached a tipping point, though it has only achieved a mere 30 percent penetration. The 3.9 percent growth that Gartner recorded in the first quarter of this year can easily be dedicated to the sales of the entry level smartphones.

One of the ways to steer past this problem is to provide the customers with an optimised hardware experience while also dedicating time to make the software relevant and rendered in terms of user-interface and the right language. In fact, language can be considered as the biggest hurdle for adoption of smartphones in the Indian market. This is the reason that Karbonn has always dedicated good focus on the language feature. It's K9 Smart entry-level device, which offered its customers native access to Indian languages and showed that the feature prompted an impressive 93 percent users to switch on the data and at least 50 percent of them to started using the language in their phone's operating system, has been bestowed with the title of being a top seller in terms of volume.

The Indian Smartphone maker has now decided to join hands with Indus OS in order to bring 21 languages to some of its new phones.

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