If Sports is one of the loves of your life and you are keeping a close watch on Olympics games, then you would be super excited to know about Bangalore based Indian Media & Gaming startup SportsCafe.in and their latest mobile app SportsCafe.

The erratic work schedules that most of us follow nowadays leaves us a little time to keep a tab on the latest happenings of our favourite sports and teams. This is where SportsCafe.in steps in and comes to all sports lovers rescue.

SportsCafe.in aims at bringing all the latest of the latest action in the sports world from each and every part of the world to its readers by making optimum use of the latest technologies. It is focused on bridging the huge gap that currently exists in the online sports coverage in India and cover news stories across all sports and not just limited to Cricket, Badminton, Football, Hockey, Tennis or Kabaddi.

Having existed as a website since its inception in 2015, SportsCafe.in recently launched its own Android mobile app SportsCafe to make things more convenient and easy to use for the mobile savvy sports enthusiasts. The app was launched in June this year without any marketing and advertising cost or effort whatsoever, but inspite of this, it has been able to garner a good number of downloads and has been well-received among people. The app was able to get 760 downloads within first week of its launch.

According to SportsCafe.in, the app received such a good response only through word of mouth as they are currently one of the few apps that are dedicated for Indian sports .

The SportsCafe app comes power packed with impressive features such as segmented notifications that makes sure that the app user gets to read the kind of articles he/she is interested in and the Bookmarking feature that allows one to bookmark important articles right on the app.

In fact, the startup has also taken into account the user feedback it got from the website and incorporated it in their app. For example, one of the most common worry among SportsCafe.in users was, that the website used a lot of their data. The startup has tried to solve this by coming up with a unique lite-mode in their latest update were users will be able to read the content using very little data.

In the upcoming updates of the App, the startup is aiming to provide its users with information like where in and around their area will they be able to watch the next ManU game live, fun sporting tid-bits as they move around a city and a few other features that the startup wishes to keep a surprise for now. Their mission is to make SportsCafe a must have app for every sporting fan – not just for news/updates but also for utility.

SportsCafe.in is a labour of effort and hard work of five strong individuals, Dr. Prabu, Gaurav, Sahil, Ranaveer and Yashashvi.

Here's some brief info about their background and current roles at SportsCafe.in :

Dr. Prabu - In charge of content, SportsCafe.in

A JIPMER graduate, a practicing doctor for two years before doing his MBA from IIM- Ahmedabad. He was a consultant at McKinsey before deciding to dawn an Entrepreneur's hat at the age of 30.

Gaurav - In charge of gaming and partnerships, SportsCafe.in

An Electronics Engg from BE College, Shibpur and an IIM - Bangalore graduate, Gaurav has worked as a Delta One Trader at Deutsche Bank for four long years before taking a dive in the entrepreneurship world.

Sahil - The Tech Guy, SportsCafe.in

A NIT Trichi, IIM - Calcutta graduate, Sahil has worked as a coder at Goldman Sachs before being an Fx trader at Bank of America.

Ranaveer - The product/ UI guy, SportsCafe.in

The youngest of the lot at 25, Ranaveer is a graduate with masters from the Univ. Of Nottingham.

Yashashvi - CEO & In-charge, SportsCafe.in

Graduate from IIT Chennai and IIM - Calcutta. Prior to hopping on the entrepreneurship bandwagon, he has worked at McKinsey for 3 years.

Having launched its app, the next project in line for SportsCafe.in is to develop and launch a unique online prediction game around sports which is more tailored to the interests of Indian audience. The work on this has already been started and they plan to launch it by mid-September this year.

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