Emerging as a top player in our own fields is a dream that we all harbour since we're children. EMERGE App, a Singapore, Bangalore based startup helps businesses stay at the top of their games.

The startup offers a complete system for growing business who are into traditional offline distribution and online e-commerce sales. Its full suite of features are capable of managing a business' entire operation right from multi-channel sales to purchasing, product, inventory and simple accounting management. If a business has more than 2 employees, EMERGE's full user access management allows privacy settings to be applied to different parts of the app.

The EMERGE app has been conceived and executed by Benjamin Yee, who has a rich six years experience in running trading/wholesale, software and advertising business. Apart from EMERGE, Yee has also founded Drooling Apparel Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (b2b garments), which is considered a pioneer in Singapore for digital marketing of Tshirt Printing. Prior to taking the entrepreneurship route, Yee served as the Non-executive director at Lange Macrea Pte Ltd., a famous advertising agency.

It has been over 15 years now that the operation productivity space has been disrupted by small software vendors providing on-premise deployment. Such business model normally price their services at well above $3000 per customer. Hence, the price factor ends up preventing the accessibility of such softwares to startups and small businesses.

Though there are a number of SaaS who are targeting the online ecommerce merchant such as Tradegecko and Stitch Labs but there aren't many for merchants selling offline.

Currently, the global SaaS market is valued at a whopping $100B and is estimated to grow to $130b by the year 2020. A large portion of this will be going into operations management (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) and EMERGE wishes to have a large pie of it.

With a talented team of 10 spread across three countries, namely Singapore, Vietnam and India, EMERGE has customers all over the globe. They are actively serving about 50 companies worldwide, with most of their clients based in the US and Europe. Their customers come from a diverse range of industries, ranging from healthcare, tooling systems, jewellery to the food and beverage industry.

The startup is having a good run in India too and is gaining a lot of traction from the Indian market. The startup's current plans for India includes integrating with major Indian e-Commerce players and fulfilment services.

Though already funded, the startup is currently on a lookout for a funding of $500K to further expand its reach and services.

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