A few years back, India had embraced IoT with open arms. But, the scenario is such now that the world is taking notice of the innovative IoT products taking birth in the Indian tech land. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is a technology that is changing the way we live in the 21st century. And, with a lot of Indian startups and entrepreneurs taking the IoT plunge, crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo etc. are fully backing their dream.

In order to give a shout out to the Indian IoT products that have taken the world by storm, we at IndianWeb2.com have come up with a list of the top 10 products.

1) CarIQ –

Having compatibility with all the cars made after the year 2008, this IoT product provides its user with the real-time data about his car's performance. It does so by connecting itself to the car's OBD port. Furthermore, the product also connects one to the car service station most suitable to one's car. The product starts selling at a cool price quotient of Rs. 4000.

Website - MyCariq.com

2) Lechal –


Started as a boon for all the visually impaired people out there, this product by the duo Krispian Lawrence and Anirudh Sharma was in its initial days a hepatic feedback based footwear that would assist the visually challenged people with navigation. But, almost a year ago, they decided to shift their focus to human fitness.

Website - Lechal.com


3) Carnot Technologies –


Carnot Technologies is another budding startup from Qualcomm’s Design in India initiative. Carnot is an IoT device that connects a user’s car or bike to their smartphone. The device then send alerts to users if their car/bike is being towed or stolen. It also recognises if the car/bike suffers an accident and informs emergency contacts in such a scenario. The device also measures mileage and shares analytics and insights to improve it. Using the device, bike enthusiasts can also share their road trips on social media platforms.

Based out of Mumbai, the startups is a brainchild of IIT-Bombay alumni Rohan Vadgaonkar

Website - www.carnot.co.in


4) Touchkin –


Designed especially for the elderly people, this 21st century invention is actually a sensor in disguise of a beautiful pendant that is capable of detecting falls. It also doubles up as a panic button. A successful result of the immense hard work of the dynamic duo Ramakant Vempati and Jo Agarwal, the product also comes with a mobile application. Further, the healthcare services provided are charged separate from the product and is available on demand.

Website - www.touchkin.com


5) Leaf Wearables -


Founded by five engineering graduates - Manik Mehta, Chiraag Kapil, Ayush Banka, Paras Batra and Avinash Bansal, Leaf Wearables is a smart Jewellery startup that designs special pendants, bracelets and key chains that have a small circular device at their heart called SAFER. When a user double clicks the SAFER device attached to the jewellery, the corresponding app is triggered about a potential threat. Launched in Feb'15 the startup has already sold more than 5,000 pieces, the startup's aim is to make 1 million families safe by the end of year 2017

Website - www.leafwearables.in


6) Retisense –


A perfect gift for all your runner friends, Stridalyzer is a smart insole. Yeah, just like we have has smartphones, smart TVs and smart cars, this one is a smart insole that is capable of measuring the runner's run. Not only this, it also provides tips and feedback on how to improve the form and helps prevent injuries. Anshuman Singh is the brain running behind this stunning product, which can be ordered at $99.

Website - www.retisense.com


7) ActoFit Wearables-


Actofit claims to redefines what fitness trackers can do. Yes, all your digital devices will now be able to function on the command of one super ring. Taking birth from the genius minds of Pratik Saraogi and Nikhil Lamba, the yet to be launched wrist-band fitness tracker auto recognizes over 60 gym exercises. ActoFit minimalizes manual entry by logging entire sessions, allowing you to see what's working vs what's not working for you. ActoFit's proprietary ActoBeat™ heart rate tracking provides the user with continuous heart rate even during motion.

Website - www.actofit.com


8) SenseGiz –


Founded by Abhishek Latthe, SenseGiz is a Belgaum based IoT startup, which is known for its flagship product ‘Find’, a smart, connected tracking device that can be attached to valuables as well as pets. SenseGiz also manufactures SAFR, a wearable product which can be clipped to clothing or worn as a band. It can trigger automatic alarms on a loved one’s phone, if the user has a crash/fall/emergency, has a panic button, can track fitness and sleep quality, can use simple gestures to control phone functions and can display phone related notifications on its screen. SenseGiz also builds IoT solutions for smart city applications, smart sensor networks, smart metering, smart light control, smart neighborhood applications, and more.

Website - SenseGiz.com


9) GetActive -


Having been active in the IoT scene from the year 2012, the product focuses on one of the most important aspect of one's life in this 21st century stress driven life- Health. Adding a dash of wearable fun to the fitness process, this product is a huge hit among health conscious today's youth. Starting at Rs. 1,999, this blessing of fitness has been bestowed upon us by Mohammed Hussain Naseem and Murtaza Beawerwala.

Website - www.getactive.in


10) Cooey-


Cooey is an end to end patient engagement IoT platform for chronic patients. It helps in collecting (life-logging) & managing health vitals & provide hyper local targeted services after analysing the health data. The Bangalore-based startup founded by Manu Madhusudanan has three products to offer - Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor, Glucometer and Body Analyser.

Other notable product-based startups in IoT are - Namma Energy, a maker of small smart sensor, clips right on to your home's electricity meter and gives you a detailed report about the electricity consumption of one's home, and Chennai-based MaxMyTV which is a smart hub that upgrades a user’s TV to a home automation and social media control center.

One thing is for sure, India has come a long way in IoT and it still has a long way to go. Here's hoping to see many more amazing IoT products to write about in the year 2017.

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