Continuing with our 2014-Year In Review posts, we are presenting to you Top 10 coolest Indian startups in year 2014. These are startups which have ramp up the success ladder and made their presence felt in this year with their unique concept, usefulness and engagement with masses and even got reciprocated with appreciation from masses.


Location base: New DelhiMountain view, US
Fundings: USD$40,000 via seedfunding (July 2012) + USD$100,000 via AngelList Seedfunding (Oct.2012)
People Involved: Deobrat Singh, Co-founder | Saurab  Paruthi, Co-Founder

 gazemetrix The start-up has created buzz all over the world for its cutting edge Image recognition technology, Gazemetrix help brands discover their latest photos instantly by analyzing the social media space and report where the photos/logos of the brands are being shared and automatically pick up the most popular pictures and they can share them on their fan page/ Pinterest boards or twitter streams. In short, the service lets you measure brand proliferation, assess brand engagement levels and relationships, advertising effectiveness, new product adoption, etc Although, the service is in closed beta and not open for all as yet, the startup indeed has a promising future. In a talk to Forbes, Deobrat Singh founder of GazeMetrix said - "The recognition system is pretty good. It can recognize partial logos, logos in bad lighting conditions, under different shades etc."


Location base: Bangalore
Funding: Rs 1 crore from angel investors (April 2013)
People Involved: Abhishek Chatterjee, Founder & CEO | Jeeta Bandopadhyay, Co-founder & COO


Tookitaki (hide and seek in Bengali), is an 'Audience Predicting Engine' or an intelligent ad technology platform which, overlays social and web data points to optimize social ad spent, in real time. The startup claims to have devised methods to build ad campaigns that locate online buyers with precision and accuracy. While your ads would appear on social networks and as suggestions in search results, chances are your new store would be eagerly browsed by a netizen, rather than being clicked close, blocked or rated spam.

TookiTaki claims to be building the world's largest Audience Predicting Engine, which helps marketers understand their Audience in real time. Tookitaki is backed by Blume Ventures, IIG (India Internet Group) and CIIE-IIM Ahmedabad. The startup has raised INR 1 crore (two tranches) for 22.5% stake via Anirudh Suri (Indian Internet Group), Ravi Gururaj and Ramesh Kumar Shah (Harvard Business School).


Location base: Bangalore
Funding: $245K in Angel funding (April 2013)
People Involved: Amarpreet Kalkat, Nishith Sharma & Abhishek Vaid, Co-Founders-Frrole


Frrole is a big data startup that specializes in Twitter-based analytics or in a simple language a social newspaper and intelligence engine that performs analysis across tens of millions of data units in real-time. It uses this analysis to build a 'local buzz graph', where Frrole knows what each neighborhood, city and country is talking about. Currently powering Frrole News - a news application that creates a universal view of news across cities and countries, regularly breaking news tens of minutes before professional media or other social news apps.

Frrole is among a growing breed of big data startups from India beginning to scale. Frrole sifts through half a billion Twitter posts every month to offer insights about users. The startup analyses over 10 million tweets daily and has sifted through over 100 million tweets since January this year.


Location base: Bangalore
Funding: $3 million in funding round led by Hyderbad-based Ventureast (April 2014)
People Involved: A. Vijayasimha, CEO | Matthew Callaghan, MD, Founder & CMO


OneBreath is a new business addressing one of the most difficult problems in critical care medicine: Delivering high precision, high reliability mechanical ventilation at an affordable cost. OneBreath, which is a medical device company, has come up with a portable ventilator which though provides the performance and functionality of the current market leaders in the technology but is still available at much cheaper rates and more reliable and easy to use than them.

OneBreath ventilators cost just around Rs 3 lakh as against regular products in the market which carry price tags of around Rs 25 lakh. With its low-cost device, OneBreath aims to address the accessibility of ventilators in Tier-II and Tier-III town and district hospitals in India.

Read more about OneBreath here


Location base: Chennai
Funding: $550 in seed funding (April 2014)
People Involved: Ajit Narayanan, Founder &CEO


Avaz makes apps that help children with autism develop speech, language and communication. The app is a product developed by Chennai-based Invention Labs. Avaz is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tool, notable for being India's first successful AAC intervention. It is an electronic version of picture exchange cards, used primarily for children with autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, Angelman's syndrome, Downs syndrome, and other non-verbal disabilities. Avaz was invented by Ajit Narayanan, an invention for which he was on MIT's TR35 list for 2011.

Avaz is also working on FreeSpeech, a novel picture-based communication system that has applications in language teaching and special education.

Location base: Mumbai
Funding: USD $75,000 as Angel investment till Dec. 2012 ,
People Involved: Amir Shaikh, Hemanshu Jain, Shreekant Pawar (Founding members)

diabeto Diabeto is actually combination of bluetooth enabled device + free mobile app, the intrusive bluetooth device that transfer glucose reading from gluco-meter to any android device. The readings can then be analyzed easily with the help of an android application; you can select the time frames, analyze the sugar shifts and can even email the graph to your diabetologist for his opinion. The Diabeto hardware is pretty much easy to operate as it has a very common 3.5 jack that can easily be fit into any glucometer and so small that you can easily hold it into your palm. Diabeto has been conceptualized by Mumbai based group comprising technology, business and medical people and Amir Shaikh, co-founder of is one of founding members.


Location base: Hubli, Karnataka
Funding: Total of $385,000 apprx. till Nov.2012 ( Won $375,000 from Knight Foundation as free Grant + $10,000 from Vodafone)
People Involved: Anu Sridharan, Co-Founder & CEO | Ari Olmos, Co-Founder & COO | Ashish Jhina, Thejovardhana Kote, Emily Kumpel as Co-Founders


NextDrop is a social enterprise which provides accurate and reliable information about water delivery in regions of India where supply of water is not below average and people use to wait often for water supply, here NextDrop will come into the picture, it sends SMS to its customers 30-60 minutes before water becomes available that's too for just  Rs.10 (US$0.2) for a month. Water utility engineers can also use NextDrop’s software to record the status of different valves and identify issues in water supply.

Location base: Bangalore
People Involved: Simran and Siddharth Mangharam


Not to be confused with a dating site, Floh is actually a networking platform that connects singles in real life with the objective of finding a life partner. Floh which is short form of - Find Life Over Here, organizes events for like-minded singles and allow them to meet, mingle up and possibly get married. Members can choose to join the network for three months, six months or a year by paying Rs 7,500, Rs 12,000 or Rs 15,000 respectively. And once they find themselves in a relationship, they are expected to leave immediately.

The members are invited to paid events in informal settings such as wine-food pairings, dance workshops and Hollywood-Bollywood movie quizzes etc. A majority of the members are well-heeled professionals and business owners. In the events organized by Floh singles get to know each other at a nuanced level, minus the posturing that is a trademark of parent-arranged meetings. Floh now has about 1000 registered members and is currently operating in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore most recently went global when the startup included New York city as well. Floh has hosted over 175 events and the members are from 15 cities across 4 countries.


Location base: Mumbai
Funding N/A
People Involved: N/A


MachinePulse is Big-Data Analytics & IoT Startup which provides an IoT platform with M2M and big data analytics capabilities. The Mumbai-based startup provides rapidly scalable solutions addressing the machine data requirements of industrial protocols, M2M and IoT segments with real time big data analytics and decision science on a cloud platform.

So far the the startups has released five IoT,M2M, Analytics based products - Erixis (IoT platform), Node X1 (IoT gateway), SolarPulse (Solar PV solution for utility scale plants, rooftop plants and solar PV-diesel generator hybrid systems), TelePulse (Telecom tower solution) and BuildPulse (Intelligent building management solution)

Global 3D Labs

Location base: Manipal/ Bangalore
Funding: Self-Funded/Bootstrapped
People Involved: Gopal Krishna, Aviral Kedia, Manish Amin and Shreyas Kudva


Global 3D Labs in an innovative startup that manufactures high quality 3D Printers and also provide 3D Printing services, DIY Kits and workshops to bridge the gap that exists in 3D Printing innovation across India and the world. The startup has created its first product called 'Pramaan', an indigenously manufactured 3D Printer that has one of the largest build volumes across the globe in its price range. Pramaan comes with LCD support and can interact in 11 different languages meant to cater to customers all across the globe. Moreover, the printer has a massive build volume which is the biggest in the world for its price range.

Currently, the startup is researching on multiple extruder 3D printers, food extruders, 3D scanners. These products will hit the Indian & global market in early part 2015.

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