The World is finally warming up to female entrepreneurs. Sure, we agree, but it would be interesting to know which all parts of the world are currently better than others for female entrepreneurs to set up their businesses and flourish. This was recently revealed when tech giant Dell and IHS Markit, a data analysis firm, conducted a research and came out with a list of Top 25 favourable cities for female entrepreneurs.

The Dell Women Entrepreneur Cities Index is currently the only global gender-specific index that looks at a city’s ability to attract and foster growth of firms owned by women.

The list, which took into account 5 key factors that included access to capital, market size, technology and the overall culture provided to women, saw New York coming on the top. Delhi, on the 22nd position, is the only Indian city visible on the list.


Done on a limited 50 cities from all around the world, the research results show an interesting pattern. The study shows European and North American cities occupying the majority of the spots in the top 10. The only other cities breaking into the top 10 are Singapore and Sydney.

In addition to the 5 factors, the rankings also took into account over 70 indicators. New York managed to emerge at top in two of these and grab the first place overall. The second place was occupied by the Bay Area, which constitutes the San Francisco and San Jose metro areas. It took the first place when it came to talent and second in markets and capital. London ended up occupying the third overall position, performing second for Access to Markets and third for the Operating Environment and Capital.

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It is important to note that a previous research done by Dell on best countries for female entrepreneurship also reflected the dominance of the two continents, Europe and North America.

[caption id="attachment_109134" align="aligncenter" width="651"] Image: Dell Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard Image: Dell Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard [/caption]

Even though it is 2016, a huge disparity still exists between men and women at the workplace. While they do earn much less than men for the same position with the same experience, they even fall way far behind when it comes to occupying leadership roles. Apparently, only 28 percent women currently occupy leadership roles all around the world.

While Indian Startup ecosystem is surely seeing more and more women taking the charge, Delhi at the 22nd position and the only Indian city on the list, doesn't paint a pretty picture for the country with the second largest population. Indian Startup ecosystem and Women entrepreneurs in India still have a long way to go.

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