Want to know what's hot and buzzing on the tech scene? Head straight to Kickstarter. The crowdfunding platform resembles a hub for innovative tech startups that can put anyone in shock and awe, in a good way of course. One such startup which is currently catching a lot of attention on the platform is, a London-based startup by the name Volant Sound.

The Startup is on a lookout to raise an amount of £100,000 pounds ( approximately Rs. 89,28,440 ) for realising their dream of gifting the world its first 3-in-1 headphones.

What has caught people is the unique concept of 3-in-1 headphones. According to Volant Sound's kickstarter page, the headphones would provide the user the power to easily switch between wireless headphones, corded earphones and headphones. This means, 3 functionalities packed in one device.

In order to make a switch from the earphones functionality to headphones functionality, the user is just required to place the small earphones in the shell of the larger headphones. This way, the audio signal gets carried through the nodes (patent pending) into the 40mm speakers in the over-ear headphones. So, this means, the audio from the user's device first travels to the earphones, and then to the headphones, thus increasing a travel leg to the audio signal.

In addition to this, the earphones also come powered with passive noise cancelling feature. There's only one problem though, it is yet not clear if this particular functionality gets transferred to the headphone speakers, when the user connects it to the headphone shell.

Further, because of having an excellent built-in Bluetooth connectivity, the headphones are themselves capable enough of being used wirelessly.

In an effort of making the 3-in-1 functionality headphones comfortable for users, Volant Sound has made them from Aluminium and then covered them in leather. The ear cushions have been made of memory foam.

People screening the article for the sound quality, here it is. The headphones come with good 40mm dynamic drivers and a frequency response of 20HZ to 20KHZ. They also have a built-in 300mAh Lithium Ion battery, that is capable of running 10 hours of continuous Bluetooth playback. On the other hand, the earphones come with 6mm dynamic drivers and a frequency response of 20HZ to 20KH. They also feature an in-built microphone and a very cool in-line remote for playing, pausing and skipping.

The 3-in-1 headphones will be requiring a 3.5mm headphone jack to connect with the user's device. Seeing that the tech world is continuously evolving and changing, Volant Sound has one eye on the current and future trends in the sector. Aware of tech giant's plan of doing away with the headphone jack in its latest iPhone version, iPhone 7, the startup is already ready with a solution to save the day. According to it, if this rumour actually comes true, they're fully prepared to salvage the solution by adding a lightning adaptor gratis.

Indians tempted to become owners of the 3-in-1 functionality Volant Sounds headphones might have to shell anything between between Rs. 14,724 - Rs. 16,063.

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