Muses Marketing Private Limited recently announced the release of their new product like service which helps start-ups and new companies reach out to their target audience in various locations like Corporates, Housing Societies etc. in an affordable manner. The product lets start-ups co-promote their brand with other start-ups by sharing the overall costs, making BTL activations extremely affordable.

“This is a strategically decided step in our goal to automate the offline marketing. The co-promotion methodology helps start-ups share the cost of activity and the result are similar therefore decreasing the cost per lead. This also lets start-ups do more activities in the same marketing budget making the use of funds more usable. This is redefining today’s market,” said Divij Goyal, Co-founder of AdOnStream Services which was recently acquired by Muses Marketing. Mr Goyal is working in the core team of Muses Marketing.

For the first time ever, startups can enjoy affordable BTL Activations and can reach their TG without spending much. “The cost of this has been decided in such a way that it remains under INR 5,000 per activity which earlier used to be more than INR 20,000,” said Vyom Garg, Chief Operations Officer, Muses Marketing.

Muses Marketing equipped the BTL Activations domain with technology giving live video broadcast from the activity so that the founders can supervise the activity from their office and concentrate on more important things. “Coming from the startup background and bootstrapping Muses, it has always been a pleasure to serve startups and help them make use of our experience and learnings. We understand how important marketing is and that’s precisely why we designed this product. It has the capability to cut down the excessive marketing costs hence dropping the customer acquisition cost significantly. We believe this can be a perfect counter move to the difficulties being faced by start-ups in the present year.” commented Ronak Singh Ahuja, co-founder, Muses Marketing.

Muses claims it has tied up with 100+ Corporates in the past 3 months so as to find the right target audience for every start-up. The product has already generated quite some interest from a variety of start-ups including 1mg and Zimmber. The first group of start-ups is about to be rolled out soon by Muses.

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