Flixy Games launches, the game; ‘Avatars Clash: Comet on Mahaar’ in partnership with foreign gaming studios and raised seed funding of $425K from Rebright Partners, Japan. Rebright Partners is a venture capital firm established in Tokyo, Japan, investing in internet and mobile start-ups in Southeast Asia and India. Comet on Mahaar is now live on Android and will be live on iOS in next few days.

The game is a strategy RPG multiplayer online battle arena. The game Avatars Clash: Comet on Mahaar, begins when a comet crashing into Mahaar, a fictional city in a fictional land called Bharat. Various heroes venture in search of what the comet has brought. The original game is credited to its creator, Axelmark; However, Flixy Games handles the production, running the game as a live service, customer support and incorporate monetization strategies suitable for India.

Felix Manojh, Founder, Flixy Games on the launch & funding said, “High-quality games that also compliment the theme are growing lesser in number day by day. The bar is set very high on international games, but the same cannot be said for India. My team and I, we wish to change that and give Indians the high quality gaming experience on their phones, with games that also cater to our very unique aesthetic.”

In the world of mobile gaming, comes a publisher who guarantees a gaming experience for Indians like no other. It’s here to change the face of mobile gaming. Flixy Games is one of the publishers of mobile games and its predominant focus lies in the Indian market. They have brought a groundbreaking new style of marketing games which includes partnering with foreign gaming studios to provide Indian versions of the same with changes in storyboard and characters making it more friendly for Indian audiences. So far Flixy has partnered with Japanese gaming studios such as Axelmark and Fields Corporation and will be partnering with many more in the near future.

Takeshi Ebihara, Founding General Partner of Rebright Partners said, "Flixy is positioned to capitalize on the tremendous potential of the Indian gaming industry through its one of kind publisher partnerships with strong gaming studios from Asian countries like Japan, Korea etc. We strongly believe that gaming in India is about to witness revolutionary growth on the back of cheaper 4G data and smartphones. Felix and his team have a solid foundation in releasing world class games with their experience at Zynga and we are excited to back their vision."

Flixy Games has more exciting news here; another game in the pipeline which will be released soon, an arcade third person shooter game with the best quality graphics and animation. They’re also modifying the story to an India Vs other countries setting. Flixy plans to launch at least 4 games by or before mid of next year. These will all be of high-quality, way better than what’s already available in the indianized format.

Manojh further added, “As of now this is the best market to be in, owning to the fact that there is a lot of room to grow in India riding on the smartphone and data wave segment. There’s also the need for more publishers to handle the launch of games, so that the game developers can focus on the thing that they do best– ‘creating games’.”

Flixy Games is carving a new path for launchers and publishers world-over to create more niche content for the ever growing crowd of game lover’s world over. The company has undoubtedly gone through a lot of learning and evolving, since its establishment. The team is small, yet filled to the brim with talent. They have a vision for their company that goes beyond the stars.

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