DailyRounds – a global network that enables Doctors to engage in sharing and learning medical content has announced undisclosed funding rounds led by Accel Partners with participation from Beenext, Powerhouse Venture and Akusa Holdings, Japan.

Doctors need to keep updated on the latest medical developments and treatment guidelines. Case based learning (clinical cases) is the best way to go about doing that. The traditional methods for case discussions are CME conferences and medical journals, but the cost and time doctors need to spend often prevent otherwise busy doctors from taking full advantage of those mediums. DailyRounds solves these problems by their simple and intuitive mobile app.

“The new funds will help us cement our leadership as the largest doctors network in India and also help us widen our reach in other countries where we have significant traction. We will also be adding more number of specialties”, said Dr. Deepu Sebin, CEO, founder and a physician himself.

Journey So Far

What started in 2014 as a personal project of Dr. Deepu has seen DailyRounds growing to be one of the most widely used medical app – from Syrian refugee camps to Harvard Medical School.

“ We are a social network for doctors, built by doctors. More cases are discussed on our mobile app than in all the medical colleges in India combined. Our app store reviews will substantiate the fact why doctors vouch for DailyRounds as the one app that they always keep on their phones.”Dr. Sebin said.

Doctors share and discuss unique and rare cases on DailyRounds. Each case gets a verified correct diagnosis within 24 hours of submission. This case library and discussions help doctors keep updated even after they have left the medical colleges. The DailyRounds library has replaced traditional medical journals, drug handbooks and pocket notes in many specialties. (These are typical content of a doctor's handbag that the company says they are replacing.)

“On average, a medical doctor takes 30 key decisions per day. It ranges from what drug to prescribe, when to do a surgery, what device to use to when to discharge a patient. We positively influence those decisions there by having a direct impact on healthcare outcomes. From Day 1 DailyRounds has helped Doctors provide better care”, Dr. Sebin explains.

Currently there are over 250,000 users on the platform, spread across the globe, with majority of the users from Indian Subcontinent. Primary care, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Radiology and Emergency Medicine are the top specialties. There is a three level verification process for all the Doctors. This is to make sure only verified and approved Doctors will be taking part in discussions and case sharing.

DailyRounds is the highest rated Medical App (globally) - Rated 4.7. A product built completely in India, but adopted and loved by Doctors across the world.

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