CIO Angel Network (CAN) has made an undisclosed investment in Chennai based Codemojo, a technology startup company offering customer engagement & rewards system with 10lines of code & 10 minutes of API integration for Omni channel businesses to increase daily & monthly active user base through Loyalty, Behavior Gamification, Referral Wallet, etc. Sanjay Mehta a full time angel investor and Manoj Chandiramani a technology evangelist have lead the round from CAN.

Founded by a tech-biz team of Shoaib Mohammed & Vijaykrishna Ramanathan, (Previously D-Rewards) provides fully managed white labelled customer engagement services for Omni channel businesses. The services include, User Referral, Full-fledged customizable loyalty program, User behavior Analysis & Gamification and a Rewards wallet for managing closed loop credits. It helps companies reduce 80% of coding due to plug n play codes for:

- White labelled Rewards Wallet
- Loyalty & engagement with cashback
- Gamify user engagement with points

All features can go live with Online website, App or Physical & Cloud POS providing a complete engagement & retention solution within 10 minutes.

Manoj Chandiramani Lead at CIO Angel Network says “Research shows loyalty programs increase purchases by 20%, as well as repeat customers are more profitable. Codemojo's customer engagement & rewards system with it's unique touch of Behaviour Gamification, has lot of potential to make a difference in this space.” The core problem Codemojo solves is “Time & Cost” that is involved in creating & maintaining customer engagement components whichcomponents, which are non-core to the business. With Codemojo the technology team has a onetime integration role to play and the Marketing team has complete control to customize and run different programs based on the business requirement from time to time.

Vijaykrishna Ramanathan, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, Codemojo says, The online industry is going through a major shift, the focus is moving from GMV & Download to driving repeat transactions and selling premium subscription services. With Codemojo in place, businesses across different sectors don’t need to reinvent customer engagement solutions for their business. Codemojo powers their marketing teams with unique tools & reports that let them be in total control of their customer engagement journey both proactively & reactively keeping them agile at all possible scenarios.

Shoaib Mohammed, Co-Founder and Head of Technology, Codemojo says, Tech teams in companies always have their hands full with never ending bug fixes and product upgrades. With these narrow pipelines, any idea of in-house built Customer engagement system often takes a back seat. Here is where Codemojo plays a vital role by offering plug & play components which can be tightly integrated in under 10 minutes & 10 lines of code.

Talking about the opportunity, Shoaib Says, Customer Engagement market is currently pegged over $32.420B globally. Companies doing business online have been dependent on deep discounting to drive repeat purchases, but this can’t go on forever and a need of an engagement program becomes important to increase the customer lifetime value. With the in-house development cycles, most companies are stuck with one program or none at all.

Sanjay Mehta having invested over 62 startups says “I am really excited the technology disruption with CodeMojo. Startup will scale very fast as the founding team is complete & complementing with expertise in technology & sales.”

With established startups facing challenges in raising larger funds at one side, Enterprise brick and mortar giants moving online at the other side, the timing is quite right for Codemojo to help power their customer engagement & retention in cloud.

Reliance Genext Hub,  which is  a CIO Angel Network  member has mentored and accelerated CodeMojo team. During the program the company could get access large enterprises like Reliance Retail to improve upon their customer engagement needs.

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