The happiness of doing something which a majority of people assumed can't ever be done, is hugely sweet. Well, most of us might not have tasted this feeling yet, but 28-years old IIT Kanpur alumnus (2010) Dinesh Bharadia, who moved to CSAIL at MIT after a Ph.D. from Stanford University, has been able to achieve this feat by developing a telecommunications technology that can simultaneously transmit and receive data on the same frequency.

In a layman terms, Dinesh has invented a seemingly impossible radio design which will double wireless data capabilities.

Everyone till now, even the textbooks, assumed that transmitting and receiving data on the same frequency was a task that was just not possible. This was inferred because the signal from broadcasting a radio transmission can be 100 billion times louder than the receiving one, and hence everyone always thought that the incoming signals will be drowned out by outgoing signals.

However, Bharadia decided to start from the beginning and didn't let the assumptions already made regarding the feasibility of task come in his way. He achieved success by developing software and hardware that are capable of selectively cancelling out the far louder outgoing transmission so that a radio is easily able to decipher the incoming message. The first full-duplex radio created, which might be incorporated into mobile phones in the near future, should successfully double available wireless bandwidth just by easily using it two times. This could prove to be a great thing for telecom companies and its consumers alike.


In order to commercialize the radio research, Bharadia even took an absence leave from his PhD studies at Stanford and from 2013 to 2015, he was a Principal Scientist for Kumu Networks, where he worked to commercialize his research in practical full-duplex communication systems.

Deutsche Telekom, a Germany based company, even started testing it in 2015, but since the prototype circuit board created by Bharadia is too large in size to easily fit into a phone, the task of miniaturising it has now befallen on other engineers.

We, at, certainly believe that this is just the beginning of the journey for the genius called Dinesh Bharadia, and very soon, we will have a number of ground-breaking inventions to write about, courtesy him.

Way to go, Dinesh!

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