INTGREA Partners, a US based M&A digital firm partners with PETC –Australian Private Equity tech conference during October 2016. During the occasion Dharmendra Singh Chief Executive of INTGREA Partners said that this partnership is a long journey between PETC & INTGREA for all the upcoming tech conference worldwide; both the companies bring synergy to each other’s businesses. While INTGREA is solving the key challenges in M&A integration, simultaneously PETC is bringing leading PE LPs and GPs from across Asia to this platform.

Jesper Terkelsen – Head of partnership at Australian PETC 2016 says this partnership is a key strategic partnership where we will bring right audience and bright minds from PE across world.

PETC arranges leading private equity tech conferences around Asia. The first Australian PETC will be the latest in a series of events that will attract leading private equity LPs and GPs from across Asia.

The one-day conference will be a perfect destination for distinguished panelists and participants to exchange strategic insights into private equity best practice in fundraising, deal sourcing, co-investment and direct investment, exit strategies as well as in exploring real asset class. 

Based on feedback from earlier events, Australian PETC will feature a series of panel discussions around the theme: “Technology in Investing and Investing in Technology.”

Australian PETC will gather 150+ delegates, including 50+LPs and 50+GPs, to network and discuss compelling issues pertinent to the Asian region. The event will be held on 7 October 2016 at Radisson Hotel and Suites Sydney. 

INTGREA Partner is a US based firm whose digital platform is a SaaS offering that is dedicated for management and execution of M&A deal integration. The system offers features starting with deal discovery, due diligence, and with special focus on integration. With INTGREA, companies are able to establish a recurring high quality merger and acquisition process, diminish the risks that come with transaction and execution, as well as set best practices.

The platform promises instant insights and speeds up the realization of deal synergies. INTGREA mergers and acquisition platform is a unique solution that significantly enhances the buy side and sell side of customer’s acquisition due diligence and post-merger integration. It also offers on-the-fly configuration, enabling users to effectively and seamlessly implement their existing mergers and acquisitions processes, while easily adapting to changes as required during the deal life cycle.

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