Beyond Evolution, a Mobile Apps development & IT Solutions Company recently announced their entry into the IoT space with the launch of a new IoT platform called BeConnected and a slew of Smart Home Devices that will be operating on it. The venture has received a seed funding by angel investors – viz. Vineet Taneja – an industry veteran with years of telecom and consumer products experience and Kamal Puri chairman Skyline Group – UAE.

IoT, expected by many to bring about revolutionary technological advancement integrates networking technology to communicate with everyday use appliances. It uses the advantages of hyper-connectivity to control and use products without physical human intervention. This can enable higher convenience and improved efficiency by reduction in wasteful consumption of Energy. For a consumer in layman terms – this would help a person remotely switch on/off and monitor usage of any gadget from anywhere in the world as long as he/she has mobile phone data connectivity.

Talking about the launch of their upcoming IOT product (a smartplug called Betty),  CEO and Co-founder “Saurabh Sharma” said – “Our endeavour is to develop IoT products that provide real value to the consumer, are simple to use and are at a highly affordable price so that they can be adopted by all. Our product therefore enables a consumer to remotely monitor and control any household appliance from his/her mobile from anywhere, thereby bringing tremendous convenience and ease in his/her life. We wanted to make a device that can be bought and used with what we own now, without having to wait for higher end technology/upgrades in the future.”

On how they did it, he said - “we first successfully demonstrated capabilities in enterprise machine to machine solutions to prove that we had the technology and it worked. We then combined that with our mobile app expertise to develop Indigenous IoT consumer products that are super easy to use and implementable with the current Telecom connectivity environment.”

The team is working on an array of electronic devices that merge with current systems, so that customers do not have to upgrade in order to adopt these products. The ability to provide remote connectivity with their appliances is provided by a Be-Connected Mobile App which the consumers can easily download on their smartphones. Beta version of the application has been successfully tested with a test-group & the product will be available for customers through the BeConnected website i.e. by early September, this year.

Speaking about the initiative, Vineet Taneja said, “Internet of Things (IoT) is a wide field and what attracted me to Beyond Evolution is that it addresses a real need of markets like India. Their platform allows for modular upgrades of existing household appliances and delivers real value to the consumer.”

Taneja further added, “I believe Saurabh and his team have the right skills and energy to take this idea to market. Their capabilities  of product design, app development and wireless connectivity give me the confidence that they can make this idea succeed in the market place.”

Speaking about his association with the company he said – “I have worked with Saurabh in the past while building the 3G business in Airtel. I have watched him create immense value at a very young age with his strategic approach and strong execution capability. I am extremely pleased to back his new venture.”

Mr Kamal Puri, Founder and Chairman of Skyline Group spoke about the launch “We are very excited to be a part of such pioneering work to bring a product of great value to the Indian consumer. Customers today are adopting technology rapidly to make their lives more comfortable and efficient in every sphere. It is indeed a pleasure to be a part of such an exciting new opportunity.”

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