Travel Boutique Online has taken strategic equity in Deyor Camps, Indian chain of branded camps. Deyor Camps was founded by Dheeraj Jain(Redcliffe Capital), Chirag Gupta, Aakaar Gandhi and Gautam Yadav to meet the demands of unorganized sector of adventure travel market in India. The teams of Deyor Camps & TBO will work closely to sell campsites offered by Deyor Camps through vast network of TBO.

Travel Boutique Online, backed by Naspers is India's largest B2B travel portal with more than 19,000 travel agents who are actively involved in selling their travel solutions. TBO enables its partners to serve their customers efficiently with the right pricing and inventory. With strategic equity in Deyor Camps, TBO will now create unique advantage for its partners by enabling them to sell branded campsites at more than 45 locations in India. This will also allow Deyor Camps to further strengthen its leadership position in camping and adventure travel market.

“Deyor Camps has been instrumental in sending 10,000 people for camping during its 1st quarter of operations. We have already become the preferred travel partners for backpacker groups, Biker Groups travelling to Leh-ladakh and Lahaul Spiti over the course of the summer. We want to further extend our offerings to every person who is looking to spend their holidays in midst of nature or simply wants to discover something new and adventurous. With TBO as our strategic partner, we will be able to reach out to its well - established database of consumers who trust TBO and its travel agents,” said Dheeraj Jain (Redcliffe Capital).

Speaking on this, Ankush Nijhawan, MD of Travel Boutique Online said, “We are excited to announce our strategic equity in Deyor Camps, as the value proposition offered by Deyor Camps is unmatched in this market.”

“Deyor is cementing an underlying business around providing quality outdoor accommodation for adventure travel  while operating in a monopolistic nature in this sector. We are just a few days away from launching a technology platform, which will make booking camping trips as simple as booking a hotel room, hence, structuring a highly fragmented sector. We will have a dedicated team at Deyor, who will serve the requests received from TBO and to ensure transactions smoothly,” said Chirag Gupta, Co-founder, Deyor Camps.

The startup also aims at expanding into the neighbouring South and South-East asian market to leverage the demand for alternate accommodation. Deyor has signed 3-year exclusive contracts with all over 100 main campsites in 45 locations and additional 75 campsites over the next month. The target is to have 300 campsites by end of the year and also additional supply by aiding the process of establishing campsites in new locations.

The recent buzzword in travel is ‘offbeat’, with young India is embracing adventure/experiential travel like never before. Whether it be corporates looking to encourage bonding within their teams, friends looking to blow off steam or couples vying for alone time, weekend getaways offer everyone a chance to recharge their batteries.

Noting the absence of any established players in this segment, Deyor camps was created to address the needs of this ever growing class of campers, trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. They are India's first and largest chain of standardised alternate accommodation - in the form of camps, cottages, lodges and holiday homes.

Deyor Camps is solving three main problems associated with camping in today's scenario -

1) Discoverability

They have an active team focusing on discovering new and exciting places in the remotest corners of the country. In addition to the mainstream locations they focus on areas that have not yet been commercialised and still maintain their authentic country charm.

2) Trust and Reliability

Their advance team ensures a thorough verification of all their camp locations. They vet all prospective sites for safety, basic amenities and outdoor activities as promised by the site operators.

3) Standardised Superior Quality and Predictable Experience

They firmly believe that aggregating without controlling the experience is forming an incomplete loop, in the service industry, the provider has to take the onus of ensuring the service delivered is spot on and is as promised.

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