The environment problem is real, and its high time that the citizens of the Earth start taking a stock of their actions and really do something to fish the world out of this crisis. It is for sure a problem that will take a long time to get solved but in order to reach there, the mankind needs to start with small-small steps everyday. Spero, India's first crowdfunded eco-friendly electric bike is a step in that very direction.

Manufactured by Milltex Engineers, a Coimbatore based company, the Spero electric bike offers a smart alternative for the current urban commutation problems. Though light in weight, the e-bike isn't particularly light on pocket. The base Spero model starts at an expensive Rs. 29,900.

The central idea behind Spero is quite simple. The makers wanted to manufacture a powered bicycle which is small and lightweight, hence very portable to use. For people who use their motorcycles/cars to get to the metro/train stations, this can serve to be a suitable alternative option.

Massive adoption of the Spero can have a real, significant effect on the current traffic congestion, pollution problems faced almost daily by the urban population and might even improve general public health by propagating a healthier and active lifestyle.

The company recently concluded the first crowdfunding campaign for the high-powered electric bike and raised INR 38,65,000 from 147 funders, way more than its goal of INR 30 Lakhs. The second campaign is currently LIVE and one can book themselves a Spero e-bike through this second campaign. With 56 days remaining, the second round of crowdfunding campaign has currently raised INR 97,200 of its goal of INR 15,00,000.

Running on a 48KV lithium-ion battery with a two-year warranty, the 5-Speed electric Gear shift bike can reach its top speed of 25kmph in mere 10 seconds, when the motor is running. Further, the biggest relief is that the battery is detachable and hence can be charged by anyone, anywhere. According to claims of Milltex Engineers, the battery charges from 20 to 80 percent in just six hours.

The e-bike comes in 3 models:


  • E-30 – Has a range of 30 kms on a single charge (available only in MEN'S model)

  • E-60 – Has a range of 60 kms on a single charge (available in both MEN'S & UNISEX models)

  • E-100 – Has a range of 100 kms on a single charge (available only in MEN'S model)


The price of the eBike ranges from Rs.55,000 for its base model to Rs.84,900 however one may get the Spero at 45% leeser price in its second crowdfunding campaign here. Prices indicated include cost of delivery.

The idea for the e-bike was conceived and developed by 36-year old, Manikandan, an MBA having ample experience in the manufacturing realm.

The bicycle, which is a result of three years of intense research and development, can be considered as another brilliantly executed ‘Made in India’ story, well almost. According to the company, the e-bike has been made with with a judicious mix of materials that were locally sourced and some key imported components –such as the motor and the tyres come from partners in Korea and the battery comes from Samsung.

So, would you consider booking a Spero for yourself? Do tell us in the comments below.
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