Elastifile, a cutting-edge, all-flash software defined storage (SDS) solution, has announced a strategic investment by Cisco Investments. The new capital builds on previous Series B investments by other leaders in the data center and storage industries.

Elastifile brings a new level of flexibility to enterprise-grade storage, contradicting the traditionally accepted tradeoff between resiliency and agility. It helps large and mid-size enterprises to scale through the cloud, to hundreds and thousands of nodes, providing millions of Input/output Operations per Second (IOPS). The solution delivers flash performance to any and all enterprise applications while reducing the CAPEX and OPEX of virtualized data centers and simplifies the adoption of hybrid cloud by seamlessly extending file systems across on premise and cloud deployments.

"It used to be that all-flash arrays were essentially block storage applications, not capable of providing enterprise-grade performance at cloud scale," said Amir Aharoni, Elastifile's CEO and co-founder. "We've redefined this by designing an elastically expandable distributed file, all-flash software-centric storage solution. Cisco Investments' funding underscores the value of our approach."

Elastifile brings cloud scale capacity to large and mid-size enterprises. For the first time, a file system is able to massively scale with performance rivaling all flash block systems, elastically expanding to hundreds and thousands of nodes and providing millions of IOPS. Elastifile was founded in 2013 by industry veterans and is backed by seven market leaders from the data centers and storage industries along with Battery Ventures, and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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