In recent years, Gurgaon beat Bangalore in the race of a better startup hub. It is booming best startup destination all along with superlative facilities and encouraging ecosystem. Why starting up your start up in Gurgaon is more beneficial than Bangalore? Well, to know the answer of this question, read below the nitty- gritty details of the advantages of Gurgaon.

Days have gone when Bangalore is the solitary MECCA of startups in India! Now Gurgaon, a NCR area is the latest favorite destination for new generation startups. The city has nurtured more than 1500 startups including big deals’ websites like Paytm, Sanpdeal, Jabong, Zomato, ixigo, Makemytrip and many others. OYO Rooms, Grofers, Nearify, Survey42, Roposo MadPiggy and are few of others who paved the road for themselves just in past two years.

Gurgaon Transformations

When it comes to establishing a start-up in Gurgaon, the millennium city has a lot more to offer in comparison to Bangalore. Establishment of roads, buildings and official infrastructure unlocks thousands doors of opportunities for startups and supports to turn in to big brands quickly by grabbing the attention of international investors for funding. About 60 e-commerce companies succeed to get funding since 2011. On the other hand, less improvements in Bangalore ecosystem somehow makes difficult for many startups to carry on for a long time period. Below are few other comparison points:

  • High Internet Penetration

    Gurgaon has overpowered Bangalore in internet revolution. Reports claim that the city has high level internet penetration with a regular internet use in almost every home. So in this way, it scores high in better internet facilities in comparison to Bangalore. Additionally, easy access to internet also helps startups to stay connected with their target audiences so that they can get feedback on their products and services quickly and it help them in fast improvements.

  • Less Employee Attrition

    Talking of this point Harman Singh, Founder and CEO, WizIQ says, “The main drawback of establishing a start-up in Bangalore is the employee attrition. The IT industry in Bangalore has a high attrition rate and talent retention is extremely hard. This can be detrimental to a start-up, particularly during the early phase of its growth. Gurgaon, on the other hand, demands fewer efforts for making employees happy and satisfied because it offers a vibrant and healthy environment with start-up friendly locations for entrepreneurs and they can establish their operations effortlessly at low cost.” Singh has started WizIQ, one of the world’s largest cloud based education podium in Gurgaon in 2007. Today it has over 400,000 educators who deliver learning classes to millions of learners across the world.

  • Healthy Ecosystem

    To incubate more number of startups, the Government of Haryana and NASSCOM has announced to set-up a 16-acre warehouse in Gurgaon. This is not one and only program to make healthy startup ecosystem but many other networking platforms are also taking start-ups, mentors and investors together to incubate more startups along offering one-on-one mentorship. Singh elaborates, "A healthy ecosystem lessen the initial cost and complexities for startups and enables them to expand rapidly into newer markets."

  • Connectivity with Different Regions

    Unlike Bangalore, Gurgaon has a world class metro along an international airport within a 10km distance. This infrastructure makes possible an easy access to diverse manpower and markets. Vivek Bhargava, Director & Co-founder of Yuvi Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. praises Gurgaon for well connectivity system. “The city is very well-connected with the regions like Delhi, Noida, and Faridabad which is not in the case of Bangalore,” says Bhargava. He has started his food venture “Yuvi Hospitality” in Gurgaon in June 2015. The company has succeeded to create a distinctive space in the F & B segment besides raising a funding of about Rs 100 crore from Chandralekha Construction Pvt. Ltd. in early stage.

  • Diversity in Culture Serves Variety in Talent

    With high population from different states, startups can hire great talent at low cost. Elucidating more about diversity in culture and available talent, Bhargava adds, “The population of the city is very diverse and it make Gurgaon a cool place for startups. You can find the talent people unlike Bangalore where people are inclined towards software &IT technology."

  • Vicinity of IIT and other Big Universities

    Gurgaon has easy access to famous universities and colleges that make simple for startups to take talented employees on board. Startups can hire interns at low cost and give exposure with adding value in their startups. Additionally, modern lifestyle and flexible work atmosphere attracts young age talent to join startups.

  • Easier to find a co-founder and Investor

    According to Bhargava, "As most of the seed angel money is concentrated in Delhi and Mumbai and having a Gurgaon based start-up has an additional advantage. It give them more frequent access to early stage funds that are vital for any venture’s success."

  • Best Product Testing Destination

    Gurgoan has an urban population that buys the products and services and gives prompt response. Most of the population is wealthy and that’s what exactly helps startups to know about the status of their products.

These are some points which are making Gurgaon a better startup hub than Bangalore!

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