Launching a startup can be a very tricky business, you need to plan everything properly. It's like walking in a field of mines, one wrong step and everything turns to ashes. One such important decision is to decide where to set up base camp. The most common choice here is Bangalore, that is what comes to mind when you think of startups and for good reasons. People generally get stuck here itself not realizing that there are many other cities in India suitable for businesses and startups. This list might change your mind and trigger a decision change.

  1. Bangalore:

    This is the obvious choice. Bangalore is the Silicon Valley on India. It has developed simultaneously with the startup ecosystem, both complementing each other. Statistics shows that it is the most preferred city for businesses and startups in India. Apart from startups, Bangalore is also home to some of the biggest and well-established companies as well. There

  2. Mumbai :

    This city is known as the financial capital of India. It is the city that makes dreams come true. People from across the country have been coming here for over a few decades now, hoping to make something of themselves. Everyone here has a dream and they do not leave any stones unturned in trying to achieve it. This city has helped many a people turn their lives around.

  3. Gurgaon:

    When you start travelling north, the first major city suitable for startups is Gurgaon. It is a relatively new city and has a lot of resources that can be harnessed. Being one of few such cities above the tropic of cancer, it sort of has a monopoly there. It is home to over 250 of the fortune 500 companies. It also has the advantage of being right next to the capital of India.

  4. Hyderabad:

    Besides being famous for Biryani and pearls, Hyderabad is also known as the IT hub of India. Any IT company worth its salt will have its presence in this city of nawabs. Some of the biggest companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Dell and many more dwell in this city of lakes. It is on the way to becoming the centre for pharmaceuticals as well.

  5. Pune:

    Pune is new to the race, but it is not far behind. It is slowly climbing up the ladder to be in the same race as Bangalore. In the last few months itself, there has been an increase in the number of IT parks in the city. The largest of them all is Hinjewadi, which has the offices of a lot of major players in the field of IT.

  6. Kolkata:

    Not a lot of people consider it as a place for business, but it is time to think again. It is the major commercial and business hub for eastern India. It is a big center in east India because of two reasons, one of them being a port and the other is its connectivity with the seven sisters. It is attracting a lot of major companies to set up their bases.

  7. Chennai:

    Chennai is booming in the automotive industry. It is now being called the "Detroit" of Southern Asia. It houses at a lot of manufacturing units of various automotive industries like MRF, Hyundai, Ford and hence the title. Also some of the best banks among the league of RBS, World bank etc have their offices in Chennai.


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