Problems are part and parcel of human life. While some problems we are able to solve ourselves, some require us to seek legal help. Unfortunately, the Indian legal system is something which majority of Indians consider a not so friendly department and often abstain from approaching them until and unless the situation is really grim. Changing this perspective prevalent in the Indian society about law and lawyers and making contacting legal advisors a task as easy as calling your best friend in times of troubles, is a New Delhi based legal-tech startup LawRato.

What is LawRato?

In simple words, LawRato can be described as a legal tech platform providing expert legal advice and counseling to the common man. Using the platforms, anyone and everyone can get expert legal advice within a few minutes time, or even book a private consultation with a lawyer, through meeting, email or phone. In addition to all this, the platform even has a legal answers knowledge bank and law guidelines to give the legally confused minds immediate answers during troubled times.

Currently, the startup has 1500 legal partners across more than 120 cities and is helping over 300 users on a daily basis to get legal advice.

How was LawRato conceived?

The startup was born after a keen observation of the founders regarding how the common man found it extremely difficult to get the right legal advice, or often went ahead with the wrong lawyer as they could not rightfully evaluate the skills required according to their needs.

The startup founded in early 2015, was amongst the were very first players in the market as most of its legal services cater to the B2B segment.

What makes LawRato different from its counterparts?

Picking on the users desirability of always wanting the best of the best, LawRato has its own verified network of legal partners. Unlike other legal directories, they actually know each and every lawyer on their platform as they do the lawyer verification and background authentication of the lawyers themselves. Further, the startup also has its in-house case-managers, who are non-practicing lawyers, always available for helping the user to connect to the right lawyer according to their needs.

What problems is the startup catering to ?

Since not every lawyer is an expert in every practice area, LawRato's mission is to make it simpler for users to find the right lawyer near them, based on practice area, experience, rating, location and availability.

A bit about the founders

lawrato founders

The startup has been conceived by two doers- Rohan Mahajan and Nikhil Sarup.

Rohan is a law graduate from CLC – Delhi, who chose to pursue marketing, and has over 14 years of experience in operations management, and lead-generation programs across South-East Asia. His last job was with WizCraft , where he headed their BTL operations.

Nikhil, on the other hand, is a software engineer who has spent 16 years in the digital marketing space. He has helped build and implement enterprise IT solutions, and managed digital initiatives for many top MNCs across paid, owned and earned media. His last job was with Razorfish India, as Chief Strategy Officer.

Funding Details

In addition to the initial funds invested by the two founders, LawRato has raised 100,000 USD from a group of angel investors in 2015.

Future Plans

The startup which already has 1500 legal partners across more than 120 cities and is helping over 300 users on a daily basis to get legal advice, is working hard to strengthen its presence across India. LawRato is also in the midst of building its online Do-it-Yourself tools to help users understand their legal situation and options better. Further, in order to make its services reach more and more people, the startup is also working on its mobile app featuring an interactive help AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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