IDfy, India’s leading ‘integrated people decisioning platform’ providing end-to-end H.R. solutions with the use of cloud computing technology, has announced the launch of, a background check service designed specifically for small businesses, domestic staff and workers, and tenancies. The service aims to provide a complete suite of background verification services that anyone can use to ensure the safety and security of their business or homes.

With the rise in number of crimes in homes, joint families moving towards a nuclear family structure, and with busy work-life schedules, one’s life is completely dependent on housemaids, ayahs, and nurses for elderly people. Moreover, many small businesses are at the mercy of staff that are constantly changing jobs, and are unknown to the people hiring them. Most such businesses, or landlords do not have the capability to conduct a background check on the one they employ or to whom they rent their houses, risking the life of their family, or their business assets. thus ensures that you can trust the safety of your business, family, home, shop, or possessions with someone you’re hiring.

The website provides four kind of checks: Identity Check, Criminal Court Record Check, Address Check, and Employer Check, and is designed to be simple to use, and fast in turn-around-time. Users can choose any combination from amongst the following services: Identity Check, based on P.A.N., Voter I.D., or Aadhaar card (completely free and instantaneous). Other checks are available at minimal costs, starting at as low as Rs.200/-. also provides Police Registration or Character Certificate services on request.

Ashok Hariharan, Founder and C.E.O., IDfy said, “There are around 40 crore total domestic staff in India, and around 50% of thefts are committed by domestic help or small business employees; 76 cases of crimes such as robbery are reported with the police every hour. In such an atmosphere of growing uncertainty, it is critical that each of us has some way of ensuring the safety of our businesses, loved ones, and our homes.” is an offering from an independent third-party identity verification service that has years of experience leveraging technology to provide top-notch background verification services to leading enterprises. It has completed around 1,14,211 checks till date, leveraging best-in-class enterprise-level processes to ensure the safety of home and family.

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