With the world becoming a closely knitted community, we often encounter people from different cultures, countries speaking different languages than ours. While the human emotions do play a good communication medium, we often do regret not knowing the person's language and not being able to communicate with them properly on a one-on-one basis. Well, this particular scenario is all set to become passé now.

Knocking at the doors of this innovation breakthrough are Pilot earphones. The earphones will allow two people who speak different languages understand each other without the need of a third person to translate their sentences for them.

Expected to cost around $249-$299, the wearable gadget will launch in October-November this year and will be able to translate between English, Spanish, Italian and French however additional languages will be available very soon after, including East Asian, Hindi, Semitic, Arabic, Slavic, African, etc.

Pilot is being hailed by Waverly Labs, its developers, as the first 'smart earpiece' ever with the ability to translate between two languages. It functions by being connected to two different people, speaking in two different languages, and translates what they are saying to each other right in their ear.

According to Waverly Labs statement on their website, "This little wearable uses translation technology to allow two people to speak different languages but still clearly understand each other".

While Waverly Labs does mention that the Pilot will make use of "translation technology", it doesn't says much about what this translation technology really is and how it will work.

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Talking about how it got the idea for Pilot earphones, the New York-based company said that one of its technicians actually came up with the idea after he met a French speaking girl. Since he couldn't understand her language, he thought there has to be better way he could communicate with her.

For now, the company is gearing up to launch its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, so that people who are interested in being the first ones to try the technology can pre-order the earphones for a much less $129 (£90) and $179 (£125), as against $250 (£174) and $300 (£209), which is the expected retail price.

The Pilot earphones will be available for pre-order on Indiegogo from 25th May, 2016 and will come in three colours.

In addition to Waverly Labs, there are several other companies meticulously working towards making real-time translation a reality.

While the Google mobile app has foe long been our saviour in helping us translate what one person is saying to our phone from one language to another in real-time. Skype, the video-calling software, has also recently made possible to translate between callers who speak different language. Currently, Skype is only catering to seven languages.

Further, Microsoft UK is hopeful that in a period of another five years, it would be able to make translating from one language to another possible with just a smartphone present between both the users.

So, always had a foreign friend with whom until recently you talked only through the language of emotions? Well, now is the time to express your emotions in languages that you both can easily understand.
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