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Weballigator, a unique GPS Attendance System that caters to the small SME, has received Rs. 2.5 crore ($375,000) in an angel round from a group of HNIs and Angel investors. The investor names are still undisclosed however the company raised funding from people who work for JP Morgan in New York and another one is Investment Head of a multinational bank in Dubai. Blueleaf Software which owns Weballigator was started by Joseph Rasquinha, Raju Monga, Zaheer Hussain and Syed Hussain in 2012.

Web alligator provides a GPS Attendance for all the SME’s in the service industry. The SME’s may be poor in adopting technology, but there are 1 billion Indians on the mobile phone, and 500 million internet users are clocked thus far. So a GPS attendance will ensure that this market has the potential to gain efficiencies and provide Weballigator with tremendous growth opportunities.

One of its important points is that the GPS Attendance works on Mobile Towers and not Satellite. So it will not drain the battery of the person using the phone, which is an important point as the SME’s don't have the high end phones that bigger companies give their staff.

The company has being building the product for 3 years and tested it over 4,000 clients in 120 locations in India, it have officially launched the product only in the last 2 months. Its focus is through Partners, many of whom are its own clients. The firm has started contacting Partners in the last 2 weeks and generate 15 partnerships in a week.

Since Weballigator is targeted for the SME market, it costs just Rs. 10 a day for the entire company for 50 people. It takes just 5 minutes to setup and you are ready to go. A Partner does not need training. We do the support and setup remotely if necessary, but in most cases, find that this is not required, as the product is user friendly.

Commenting on the Weballigator’s future plans, Joseph Rasquinha said, “Weballigator is the major entry point for our clients. Once they have a comfort level, and expect to increase their staff, or add more efficiencies in their Company, they can subscribe to our other modules in Weballigator Plus. This has CRM, Finance (which connects to Tally), HR, Recruitment RMS, Performance Appraisal, and a few other modules which constitute a minor cloud ERP. In our estimate, around 25% of the clients will shift to Weballigator Plus. We are looking at adding over 1,000 Partners across India in the next 12 months, and going by present indications, this will be exceeded.”

He further added that we are also planning a totally disruptive module in finance in the next 6 weeks for SME’s. This has a captive market of 1 million SME’s. This module is in testing, with the rationale have come from a Partner who saw a crying need in the market.

A. M. Sikander, an investor in Weballigator and a Serial Entrepreneur, who owns a Rs. 100 crore logistics business said, ”For me, being in the logistics and services business, I see great opportunity for Weballigator in this space. India spends 14.4% of its GDP on Logistics and Transportation, and any product that services this market is a huge winner. This is a major reason for my investment in Weballigator."

Last month, two HNIs – Praveen Khandelwal and Yatin Kumar have invested $1 million in angel funding in Legal Raasta Technologies Pvt Ltd, which provides legal services to entrepreneurs, SMEs and professionals over its online platform legalraasta.com.

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