(L-R) Dhianu Das and Prashant Narang, Co-Founders, Agility Ventures

Rs 50 crore earmarked for investments in segments like fintech, cyber security and crypto startups among others; they also plan to support new angels, especially women who are taking to this form of investment in a big way

As 2021 draws to an end, Agility Ventures has already chalked up its plans for 2022. One of the leading Angel Investors Networks in the country, the company has set a target of increasing its network by 4000, which currently has 1500+ angel investors.

The network is known to invest in startups or early-stage businesses like education, technology, healthcare, e-commerce, automobiles, electric vehicles, robotics, agri-tech and manufacturing among others. This year, it invested in 22-plus technology and D2C startups. It now plans to add startups in fintech, cyber security and crypto to their list of investments in the upcoming year. “Increase in internet users and access to information has opened doors for a lot of blockchain, fintech and cybersecurity startups to set up shop here. If this year has shown us anything, it is that India is home to brilliant minds working on brilliant solutions and Agility is here for them,” says Dhianu Das, Co-founder, Agility Ventures.

The fund earmarked for investing in startups, through the Angel Network, is Rs 50 crore.

2021 has seen a record level of tech startups turn into unicorns, which in turn has also attracted a record number of investors, including super angels. With startups proving to be an alternative investment choice, the numbers of angel investors have reportedly gone up 5-times this year. People from all walks of life are turning angels, including women who have also taken to the startup investment. Taking this into account, Agility Ventures is also looking forward to supporting these new angels with their weekly calls, Ask Agility.

"We look forward to welcoming new investors to this asset class and to welcoming global startups to be part of the Agility umbrella. We are hopeful that 2022 will be yet another year full of gainful exits and of Indian unicorns,” adds Prashant Narang, Co-Founder, Agility Ventures.

Apart from investments and targets, Agility Ventures' calendar also includes multiple events such as VC gatherings and a founder mixer. The network is spread across 20+ chapters in India, Canada, UAE, Australia, and the UK as well. Setting up a UAE-based team in February 2022 is one of the first steps in that direction.

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