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Apple’s Has Started Turning The iPhone Into A Medical Wonder

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Just when you think Tech giant Apple couldn't up its game any further, it comes out with something even bigger and better. The immediate big project currently on the hands of this California based company is to turn its bestseller iPhones into a Medical Wonder.

Apple has now taken the responsibility to improve the currently available health apps in the market by launching “CareKit"- a kit which will provide app makers a suite of new tools for creating health software.

Apple's CareKit has four main features, termed as "modules." There's a symptom-tracking tool to help patients monitor their fevers and other ailments; a "Care Card,” using which users can track their medication and complete physical therapy routines; a dashboard that helps comparing the symptoms against the recorded health metrics and finally, a function that lets them share all these information with family, friends and doctors.

While some tech experts are dissing the tools as something very minor, Apple is confident that the kit will prove to be a hit among people and help them keep a closer watch on their health on a regular basis and address any potential risk or symptom right away before it gets too late.

Launched on Thursday, April 28th, CareKit features are expected to appear almost immediately in certain apps like pregnancy app Glow Nurture, One Drop, and mental health app - Start.

One Drop, an app developed by entrepreneur Jeff Dachis to allow diabetics patients to manage their health, will now include heart-shaped meters that fill up when a user completes their daily goals, which may include taking the correct dosage of medication and logging the right amount of carbohydrates according to their diet.

It is interesting to see the growing interest of Silicon Valley in the health sector. While some think it's a positive sign, others feel that medical softwares still have a long way to go as there's no one particular medical software in the market right now that is really providing real meaningful data.

The startup market has seen a sudden escalation in the number of healthcare startups, apps and softwares launching in the market. There's Maven, an app that is aiming to connect women directly to health care professionals and save them from the unnecessary trouble of visiting doctors and googling for symptoms and advice. Then there's also Verily, that is working towards making medical research an extremely easy process, something similar to typing queries into Google for answers. There are also other products by Apple like HealthKit, which allows health applications to share data with one another with the user’s due permission and ResearchKit, which allows iPhone owners to take part in medical studies.

CareKit is for now only accessible to people owning iPhones, though we hope Apple will soon launch it for other Smartphones as well for the greater good.

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