We all like to eat out, but sometimes, eating out doesn’t turn out to be a memorable experience the way it should turn out to be. Many times it happens that waiters are too busy and don’t have time to attend us, and we have to wait till the waiter makes an appearance to take our order. Sometimes, there are not enough menus or sometimes the waiter has no clue what the particular dish looks like. All this degrades our experience of eating out. But not anymore. Enter Voolsy, an app dedicated to making your dining out experience seamless and enjoyable.



Voolsy is an application From Ahmedabad-based startup designed to enhance the joy of dining out. Right from the time you enter a restaurant, order your food and pay your bill, Voolsy is with you every step to make your dining experience better. Voolsy is an app that will make your experience in a hotel or a restaurant very easy and efficient. With the iBeacon technology , your table is detected by the app and then you can use the app for everything you might require throughout dinner. From ordering food to paying the bill, it can all be done by just one click using the app. This app aims to provide individual attention to the customer and is like a personal concierge that takes care of everything once you go out to eat. All this is achieved without the intervention of the restaurant staff so it speeds things up and saves your time.

Even the word Voolsy has an interesting meaning behind it. The name is derived from the term Vool, which means more than cool and the aim is to make Voolsy the coolest mobile application for the restaurant goers.


Headquartered in Ahmedabad, the startup is a joint effort by Smir Nebhwani and Amrish Patel.

Smir Nebhwani : CEO Smit has a definite vision and a keen interest in Development, Sales & Marketing. His determination and perseverance have led to the fruition of many successful ventures. He believes that simplicity and functionality go hand in hand and Voolsy is a live example of this. His past experience was in an app technology firm called Origzo, which he founded in 2011

Amrish Patel : President Amrish finds great joy in turning ideas into reality. His creative passion is fueled by his constant endeavor to seek the highest order of quality with an innate design sensibility, knowledge of market dynamics and resource management


Voolsy is the first one to use the ibeacon technology in the restaurant sector in India. The USP of Voolsy is that you can do everything in a restaurant, like order and pay, without the need to call the waiter or the manager. This saves both the time of the customer and makes their dining out experience smooth. They have a lot of unique features that are not available in any other app in this arena.

  • Auto table detection

  • Real-time menu viewing

  • Order customization

  • Secured payment

  • Rate the dish

  • Mark your favourites


They are a self-funded startup.


Voolsy plans to cover the major metropolitan cities in India and whole of India eventually with their app. As per their expansion phase, after their successful launch in Ahmedabad, Voolsy plans to launch in Mumbai soon.

In Ahmedabad, the app is functional in 9 premier restaurant, hotel chains, cafés and lounges and is operational in all these types of outlets. The company is also planning to add additional features in Voolsy in the coming months like the facility of preordering meals and an option for split billing. People at Voolsy are highly enthusiastic and their morale is high and their fundamental aim to change for the better the way we all dine out.

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