Developers always looking forward to try their hands at something new and interesting, here's a thing that might become your next obsession. Say hello to VoCore, a small in size but big in functionality low-cost open-source (both the hardware and software) computer.

So, if for a long time you were looking to put a small and cheap on pocket Linux-powered computer at the heart of your project or planning your own IoT or a custom router project, this is where your search ends.

If you're judging this wonderful computer for its cheap price tag of $20 (Rs.1,300 apprx.), we would advice you to not jump the gun and give VoCore a chance to prove its credentials.


The VoCore flaunts a 32MB of RAM, 360MHz MIPS CPU, 8MB of flash memory, and comes fully power packed with header pins for Ethernet, sound, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0.

If you simply shop for VoCore, you will have to spend a meagre and total worth it amount of $20, but if you want to buy a VoCore unit with dock, then you will have to shell out $45. Further, by spending an additional $40, people wanting a camera can fulfil their desire as the extra money spent would fetch them a 1080p unit complete with a built-in microphone capable of connecting directly to the VoCore.

The Operating System operating VoCore is OpenWrt (Linux 3.10.44). It is capable of making the system boot up in a mere 30 seconds.

The system can draw its juice from any power supply in the range of 3.2V to 6.0V. Further, in order to cut back on the mess that one creates when hooking up different connectors, VoCore comes with an optional extra dock that the user can utilise to clip the tiny computer to another board that has a USB 2.0 port, RJ45 micro SD card slot and a headphone jack.

So, developers let the fun inventions begin. You can buy the VoCore from their official website (http://vocore.io/store).

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