For an iPhone user, one of the most dreaded messages flashing on their screen is the one saying "Cannot Take Photo- There is not enough available storage to take a photo." Imagine this happening when you and your gang are all ready with your best of funny faces. Absolute buzzkill, right?

Well, what if we tell you that there's an hack through which you can make sure that that annoying message never flashes on your iPhone screen again?

A Reddit user by the name 'eavesdroppingyou' has shared a very strange way of getting more space on your storage full iPhone device. According to him, the hack is to rent a movie from the iTunes store that is larger than the storage you available on your device. Apparently, iPhone automatically ends up deleting old files that the user doesn't needs in order to free up the space and make way for the movie.

Here's how you can do it!

1) Start by checking the storage on your device. For this, go to Settings > General > Usage (Storage & iCloud Usage on some devices) in order to check the same.

2) Now open your iTunes store App and choose a movie available for renting. After you have made your pick, click on the Rent button and wait for the circle to start spinning.

3) Since you don't have enough space on your device for the movie, a message saying 'Cannot Download. There is not enough available storage.' will appear on the screen.

4) Choose the Ok option available in the message. Now go back to your Usage page in the Settings (you might have to refresh that) and your available storage should have been updated.

Easy, isn't it?

Though the method hasn't been officially recommended by Apple, many iPhone users have tried it and got good results. In fact, Good Housekeeping did the storage experiment and ended up with 1.1GB storage space as compared to its initial 531MB at the time of starting the experiment after attempting to rent out four different movies.

For people preferring to following proper rules and regulations, they can free space manually by removing anything that they no longer use like unused applications, music and videos etc.
People can also create more space on their iPhones by transferring their pictures from their phone to the Google Photos app and then deleting them from the device. This way you will be able to clear enough space but will still be able to view all your photos on the device.

So, have you tried the hack yet? Do share your experiences in the comments box below.

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