Samsung, the tech giant, recently wrapped up its Developer Conference in Moscone West, San Francisco. Held between April 27-28, 2016, the Conference saw developers, creators and builders alike coming together to discuss the latest technologies and future innovations. But, one particular invention which managed to catch everyone's eyeballs at the Conference was Samsung's cute and compact personal assistant robot, Otto.

Being termed as Amazon's Echo's clone by industry experts, Otto comes power packed with microphones and speakers so that it can listen and respond adequately to its owner. Not only this, it is also capable of controlling various connected gadgets in our homes like light switches, refrigerators and Televisions etc.

What sets Otto apart from Echo, is the fact that the former has a High Definition(HD) camera with a capability to recognize faces. Further, it can also double up as a security camera for your home/offices.

Otto sings a song #sdc2016

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In order to give Otto a more humanly touch, it has a small screen on it which resembles a face and can display a variety of animations based on the application. For example, if it's raining outside, Otto will used the animation of rain to alert it's customer about the same. In addition to all this, Otto understands that life is nothing without a little music and dance, hence the cute, little robot can also add a zing of entertainment to human's lives by singing and dancing.

For people who have already set their eyes on Otto, the wait might be a little longer than they expected as Otto isn't a real product yet but just a prototype that Samsung used to demonstrate its ARTIK Internet of Things platform at the developers conference. Though ARTIK has been in the market for awhile, the developers conference saw Samsung unveiling a new set of tools that the developers can utilise to create mobile applications and devices for it. In addition to this, Samsung also launched its ARTIK Cloud platform in the conference, which can be used by developers for storing data for devices like Otto, the personal assistant robot.

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